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iVend Retail and SAP Business One

iVend Retail paired with SAP Business One provides an end-to-end, omnichannel retail management solution that covers everything from POS to back office to head office operations. An iVend Retail setup can range from a single outlet to a multi-geography store environment, with complete integration of day-to-day operations.


SAP Business One for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Many small and medium businesses rely on basic entry-level accounting software and spreadsheets that fail to provide the enterprise-wide visibility needed to help retailers and restaurant businesses grow.

With SAP Business One, retailers can go beyond basic business functions and thrive in a digital, cloud-based environment to make informed decisions based on real-time data, and act on it within a single integrated system.

Retailers and restaurant owners can place purchase orders, check stock, sell products and perform crucial retail operations all within one single system with SAP Business One. Far more than just accounting tools, SAP Business One gives retailers greater control over their business processes with a single, scalable system.

SAP is known for providing exceptional ERP software around the world. SAP is found in 180 countries and has 200 million cloud users across 25 industries. SAP Business One gives small to mid-size retail and restaurant operations access to the same capabilities that large enterprises enjoy.

Duty Free City Integrates SAP Business One with iVend Retail

Read the case study from iVend Retail to learn how customer Duty Free City increased foot traffic to their brick and mortar airport stores by embracing omnichannel retailing and integrating their ERP with their POS.

See How They Did It

Why SAP Business One with iVend Retail?

Together, iVend Retail and SAP Business One help retailers grow their customer base and increase profits by moving to a single, real-time platform. Gain insights into customer behavior; anticipate demand; manage inventory; and deliver personalised, omnichannel offers and services – wherever customers choose to engage.

Omnichannel Advantage of iVend Retail for SAP Business One

SAP is a world-wide market and technology leader in client and server enterprise application software, providing solutions for companies of all sizes and industry sectors. iVend Retail with SAP Business One is an affordable, integrated solution designed to empower growing SMB and larger enterprises with omnichannel capabilities and powerful workflows. iVend Retail with SAP Business One enables a retailer to maximize sales potential by implementing fully-integrated sales growth programmes across all sales channels.

Clerk iVend POS integrated with SAP Business One

  • Custom Click Checkout – Select multiple or single click for fast transactions
  • Synchronised Supply/Demand Planning – Reduce inventory holdings while eliminating stock-outs
  • Dynamic Planning – Satisfy changing customer demand and buying preferences
  • Integrated Merchandise Management – Optimise product mix with detailed sales reporting
  • Profitability Maximisation – Determine the right pricing and promotions
  • More Profitable Sales – Increase conversion rates across channels

Integration Summary

iVend Retail integration with SAP Business One is integrated with iVend Retail using the standard DI APIs provided as a part of SAP Business One Software Development Kit.
iVend Retail also integrates UDFs (User Defined Fields) defined on Business Partner and Item Master in SAP Business One into iVend Retail.

Deployment Landscape

SAP Business One Deployment Landscape

Optimize Your Business with iVend Retail and SAP Business One

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