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iVend Optical is an industry vertical solution on the iVend Retail management suite designed for Retail Optical shops, Optometry Practices (with or without a retail dispensary), Retail sunglass stores and Ophthalmology clinics (selling RX eyewear).

Developed by a leading provider of software solutions, iVend Optical presents easy to use tools to manage optical Point-of-Sale, frame and contact lens inventory, and business development activities. iVend Optical seamlessly integrates all business processes from the POS at store to the planners at the Head Office lowering the overall cost of operations and simplifying expansion to help your business bring the bottom line into focus with increased profitability.

iVend Optical is intuitive to work with, even for non-technical roles, providing store owners with visibility into product and store performance, schedule and mange appointments with patient notifications, and allows retailers to easily distribute targeted customer promotions.

iVend Optical

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Why iVend Optical

Customer Lifecycle Management

Wizard-driven qualification process manages customer data from Rx capture to eyewear fulfillment.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Simplify the customer experience with appointment scheduling, text-based appointment communications and easy reordering. Centralised delivery and stock management ensures that customers are given accurate information, thereby improving customer service, satisfaction, and retention.

Extensible, Integrated Solution

Supports industry-standard interoperable APIs allowing it to be integrated with standard business management applications like ERPs or other financial applications. The application also comes with a standard Extensibility Kit, allowing retailers to incorporate their unique business processes into the application without impacting standard upgrades and updates.

Efficient Data Synchronisation

Increase operational efficiency to stay ahead of the competition with an application that responds quickly in-store with up-to-date store data held in a centralised database for easy reporting.

Improved Order Accuracy

Ensure that orders are generated accurately, reducing errors and simplifying their processing, delivery, and management.

Seamless Patient Communication

Email, SMS and Alert Notifications to reach patients via two-way text messaging, email, and notification alerts. Create new and/or modify existing Email, SMS and Alert Notification templates and send notifications on different events/processes like order confirmation, change of tray status, optometrist scheduling an appointment confirmation.

Easily Manage Appointments

Fully integrated Scheduling an Appointment feature allows maintaining customer data, prescription details, health-related information, service records and invoicing details all in one system.

Powerful Optical Technology

Easily Manager Master Data

  • Complex Lens treatment mapping matrix
  • Tray mapping and fulfillment
  • Product database for standard, serialised, batch managed, kit, assembly and non-inventory items

Optical Reports

  • Lab Order Report
  • Delivery
  • Open Order
  • Appointment Card
  • Optometrist Scheduled
  • Ready for Fulfillment
  • Sales by Item
  • Special Order Statement Report
  • Appointment Report
  • Appointment Conversion

Process Sales with speed and Accuracy

The ideal point-of-sale (POS) and a convenient way to create orders, fill prescriptions, add payments, and more

Patient Communications

  • Seamlessly manage appointments, focus on marketing efforts, and engage patients with a dynamic, multimodal, and interactive feature.
  • Reach patients via voice, two-way text messaging, email, and local search/online reviews.

Inventory Management

  • Maintain accurate control of frames, contact lenses, spectacle lenses, lens treatments, services, and other items for a single practice or multiple locations
  • Look-up and transfer items across locations and easily keep track of inventory in real-time

Lens Treatment Mapping Matrix

  • List of treatments (that can be given to lenses) based on combination of Lens Material, Lens Type and Lens Colour
  • The master data view can be swapped to see different combinations of Lens Material, Lens Type and Lens Colour for a given treatment

Simple Reordering Process

  • Prescription history (eye glasses and contact lenses) is maintained
  • Contact lenses do not require ‘qualification’ for re-ordering
  • Historical prescription details can be used for reordering – frame has to be selected again

Tray Management and Fulfillment

  • All orders at POS are managed as set of ‘trays’
  • Prescription glasses and contact lenses are treated as individual trays (even if part of the same order)
  • Tray for prescription glass normally has:
    – Frame
    – Qualified lenses for left and right eye
    – Clip(s) – if ordered
    – List of treatments for the lenses
  • Lens treatment and their fitting into frame is managed outside the application
  • Once ready, ‘trays’ can be marked as ‘ready for fulfillment’
  • Fulfillment process at the POS delivers the prescription glasses (and/or contact lenses) to the customer
Optometrist reviewing eyewear prescription with clients

How iVend Optical Works

Lab order form for lenses

Facilitate the Management of Prescription and Nonprescription Transactions

Faced with shrinking margins and increasing competition from the eCommerce world, optical retailers are focusing on customer service to increase their competitive edge. Personalised customer service is one way brick-and-mortar retailers are differentiating themselves by demonstrating the services they offer cannot be duplicated online. For optical retailers, operating a business that provides vision prescriptions as well as fashion frames, prescription lenses, contacts, and plano sunglasses can be a challenge.

How can iVend Retail help?

iVend Optical gives retailers the tools they need to efficiently and profitably manage technical data related to lenses, frames, and contact lenses and link them to customers’ prescriptions. iVend Optical also provides analytics reports that track fashion trends and aid with stocking the right style, color, and size assortment, and review transactions by prescription vs. nonprescription. iVend Optical includes seven integrated software modules: iVend Enterprise, iVend POS, iVend Mobile POS, iVend eCommerce, iVend Loyalty, iVend Passes, and iVend Reporting and Analytics. This end-to-end retail, omnichannel-ready management application allows integration of in-store retail with back office processes and an online storefront. Its data synchronisation feature permits up-to-date, accurate reports including lab orders, stock status, sales, delivery, and open orders. To help you get the most out of your retail management system investment, iVend Optical is designed to scale along with your business. Interoperable APIs facilitate integration with enterprise resource planning (ERP) and other financial applications, and the software’s extensibility kit (SDK) enables retailers to incorporate their unique processes into the application without impacting upgrades or updates.

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