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Retail Management Solution for hardware stores and home improvement stores

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Retail Management Tools, Hardware Stores Need to Stay Competitive

Home improvement, hardware and building supply retailing was once dominated by a ‘pile-it-high-watch-it-fly’ mentality, but this type of store is evolving towards more curated experiences, services and easy navigation for DIY customers. Hardware store owners need innovative retail technology solutions to stay ahead in an industry that is fiercely competitive and where customer demands are ever-evolving.

iVend Retail for Hardware Stores is a retail management solution for hardware stores that is specifically designed to assist the store owners in resolving operational challenges and running a more profitable store. With our solutions, you can assist your customers anywhere on the shop floor or on side walk sales using a mobile POS device that integrates directly with your hardware store retail management system, optimise workflow, efficiently manage multiple stores and inventory, offer valuable customer loyalty programmes, run tailor-made promotions and much more.

Why iVend Retail for Hardware Stores

  • Provide a Helping Hand

    Home improvement and hardware shoppers often need guidance and assurance. Retail Management Solution for Hardware stores offers Mobile POS (mPOS) technology to serve customers on the go and demonstrate products in the most valuable way.

  • Tools for the Job

    Like the customers they are serving, home improvement and hardware store staff are looking for the right tools to do a specific job. With iVend Retail for Hardware stores robust inventory solutions, store managers and their teams can keep their offering fresh and organised.

  • Durability All Year Round

    Many of the products sold by home improvement and hardware retailers need to be durable and long-lasting, and that’s exactly what the stores themselves expect from their point of sale technology. iVend Retail for Hardware stores offers integrated retail management suite that is scalable, flexible and robust.

  • Centralised Procurement

    Receive goods directly at stores using Purchase Orders (PO) created centrally at head-office. A store gets to receive only those products that were scheduled for that store. In an integrated environment, this centralised Purchase Order can be raised from the integrated ERP.

  • Vendor Management

    iVend Retail for hardware stores allows you to easily manage your supplier relationships by tracking purchase orders, invoices, and lead times, all from one centralised system. Easily replenish inventory using automated purchase orders to your registered suppliers based on reorder levels.

  • Offer Complete Commerce

    Retail Management Solution for hardware stores allows hardware and home improvement retailers to launch their brand into the world of online shopping in less than two weeks. By connecting with Magento Commerce, it offers a unified system integrating online and physical store sales channels to streamline retail operations.

Powerful Technology for Hardware Stores

  • Agile infrastructure
  • Barcode label printing
  • Seamless Integrations
  • Multi-store / Multi-currency
  • Cash drawer management
  • Serial number tracking
  • Inventory transparency
  • Business intelligence and analytics

Retail technologyiVend Retail Infographic for Hardware Stores

Top 8 Reasons for Hardware & Home Improvement Stores to Adopt a Cloud-Based Retail Solution

Valu Home Centers, New York


With iVend Retail and SAP Business One, we were able to greatly enhance our customer experience, increase operational efficiency and provide transparency into our inventory. These results have helped us become a truly omnichannel organisation, and given us the insight to better anticipate customer demands.

– Marty Noworyta, Senior VP IT & Admin, Valu Home Centers

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