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Feature-rich retail management system for Pharmacy Stores or Drugstores

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Faster Billing Speed, Inventory Control, and Satisfied Customers

The global pharmaceuticals market is projected to achieve a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 1.8 percent and reach to $1250.24 billion in 2021 from $1228.45 billion in 2020.

The COVID era has resulted in an increase in the number of pharmacies and retail supplement stores. Following the global impact of COVID, medical stores saw a massive increase in demand, both in physical and online stores. The increased demand in stores frequently forced the cashier to conduct transactions manually, as dealing with this many buyers is difficult. As a result, there is a need for a well-structured, customised Retail Management solution that includes all of the features required by Pharmacy retailers to manage all aspects of their retail operations and would also comply with the local laws and regulations.

iVend Retail for Pharmacy is a comprehensive retail management solution that provides faster billing speed, expiry date management for better inventory control, multiple discount types, over-the-counter and prescription drug management in accordance with healthcare regulations, and much more to enable Pharmacy retailers to provide an exceptional customer experience.

Why iVend Retail for Pharmacy

  • Powerful Inventory Management

    iVend Retail for Pharmacy and allows Pharmacy retailers to ensure that they always have fresh inventory on the floor and never run out of their fast-selling items by using tools that help manage stock based on purchase date. Staff will be aware of which products have expired and will dispose of them accordingly.

  • Dispensing Vendor Integrations

    Cloud-based pharmacy point-of-sale solution that makes the life of your staff and customers easier by implementing scalable software that interfaces directly with multiple dispensing systems to increase productivity and improve workflow.

  • User security and permissions

    iVend Retail for Pharmacy enables pharmacy retailers to configure role-based permissions for POS users at the back-end Store employees may be granted restricted access or be required to enter additional login information in order to sell specific drugs.

  • Promotions and Communications

    iVend Loyalty enables you to create adaptable / appealing campaigns that ensure customer loyalty. Get a comprehensive set of analytics and service capabilities to help you better understand customer trends and create tailored promotions that maximise the potential of all your customer relationships.

  • Centralised Procurement

    Receive goods directly at stores using Purchase Orders (PO) created centrally at head-office. A store gets to receive only those products that were scheduled for that store. In an integrated environment, this centralised Purchase Order can be raised from the integrated ERP.

  • Know Your Customer

    Knowing who your customers are and their purchasing habits is no longer an option for pharmacy retailers. By providing insight into their shopping history, pharmacy point-of-sale software enables pharmacy retailers to deliver multiple discount types and tailor-made offers to individual shoppers.

Powerful Technology for Pharmacy Retailers

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Scalable technology
  • Product expiry management
  • Multiple discounts types
  • Integrate online & offline
  • Prescription drug management
  • Role-based security
  • Loyalty programmes
  • Robust inventory management
  • Frictionless checkout
  • 3rd party integrations
  • Real time data synchronisation

Goodlife Pharmacy, East Africa


iVend Retail has helped us significantly improve the overall customer experience that we deliver to our valued customers. The intuitive and interactive interface of iVend Retail has removed all friction from the checkout process allowing for a faster and more enjoyable shopping experience for the consumer. With satisfied customers, our business is flourishing.

– Joel Nderitu, Head of IT, Goodlife Pharmacy, East Africa

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