Digital Transformation in retail has become today’s business imperative.

Pursue fresh revenue streams and transform your enterprise by integrating brick-and-mortar and online channels with digital technology designed to deliver exceptional commerce experiences.

Digital Transformation in retail has become today’s business imperative.

Pursue fresh revenue streams and transform your enterprise by integrating brick-and-mortar and online channels with digital technology designed to deliver exceptional commerce experiences.

Changing Consumer Behaviours

Changing Consumer Behaviours

The retail customer is evolving and so is the shopping journey. The global pandemic has accelerated preferences for safety, and as always convenience and ease remain top of mind for your shoppers driving a rise in digital sales and eCommerce, especially among new or low-frequency consumers. This digital trend is likely to continue post-pandemic and retailers must be prepared to respond quickly.

With the right technology and by accelerating your digital transformation you can become a leading retail brand.

Shift your role from worrying about technology performance and other mundane tasks to focus instead on adding value for your customers. iVend Retail can digitally and completely transform your business to give you a competitive advantage amid the disruption.

Technology Built for Today

Technology Built for Today

As retailers strive for increased efficiency, to reinvent the in-store models to be more personalised and convenient, offer additional services, and become increasingly digital, they must build critical capabilities—from people processes to more robust data and analytics infrastructure.

Winning retailer are moving away from traditional infrastructure and instead focusing on implementing solutions that are de-centralised in application control, yet centralised in management.

We support the modern role of the retail merchant with our cloud based platform, so you can reinvent your role by using automation to reduce mundane, data driven tasks and system management and tap into predictive insights to deliver exceptional customer experience.

With over 15 years of experience running retail processes for some of the largest in the industry, we are uniquely positioned to meet your business needs for organisational transformation.

  • Migrate on Cloud for a digital approach to modern retail
  • Transform the way you do business to simply your operational processes
  • Connect with your customers digitally, wherever they are located
  • Seamlessly move toward the digital age with online training, handheld inventory management and SaaS tools
  • Know more about your customers and gain a complete view of their buying journey

  • Gain a single source of data truth by centralising all your data in a single platform

  • Design and deploy new services and customer experiences, effortlessly

Transformation Needs

You Can’t Digitise A Dress, But You Can Transform Your Operations

The transfer of real, physical goods to a consumer can never be digitised, however winning retailers know that digital transformation will impact them like other industries. In the old model, retailers needed to be very good at buying low, selling high, and optimising everything in between. Modern retailers know that gathering data (about products, customers, and locations), turning that data into insights, and then turning those insights into action is the surest way to deliver shoppers the personalised experiences they have come to expect.

  • Identify shopper behaviour on your eCommerce site and use it to deliver a relevant digital ad to that shopper at a later time. If a shopper has spent the most time engaging with your plus-size dress category, you can deliver expanded size-related ads to that person across the internet.

  • Personalise email content to reflect up-to-date information when your email is opened. If a shopper purchased an item or read an article in any channel before he opened an email, your email can avoid recommending that particular item.

  • Promote relevant offers or content in any channel based on a person’s customer or prospect status, industry, customer segment, loyalty program status, etc.

You Can’t Digitise A Dress

Thrive with a Digital Presence

Stay ahead of the competition. As consumers are reluctant to return to brick-and-mortar, digital channels are coming into play more and more to help businesses continue their operations. Digitally-enabled businesses have already started to capture market share by using the pandemic as an opportunity to innovate and attract new customers. As retailers navigate the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, now is the time to revisit an omnichannel approach and accelerate  your digital transformation to take on what comes next. Particularly retailers should be using this time to explore options to,

  • Streamline data to access insights about merchandising, sales, and customers
  • Digitise existing channels and introduce new sales approaches
  • Implement the right tools to transact and serve customers more efficiently
  • Move on Cloud and leverage SaaS technology


4 Ways Retailers Can Use Technology to Thrive in the Face of Industry Disruption
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