Application & Infrastructure Management

Fully managed, complete retail management for any sized retailer with delivery, management and support of all infrastructure and applications.

Tap into greater resiliency with iVend Cloud

Lower Total Cost of Ownership Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Reduced IT Overhead Costs Reduced IT Overhead Costs

Faster, Simpler Deployments Faster, Simpler Deployments

Superb Security Enhancements Superb Security Enhancements

Improved Channel Operations Improved Channel Operations

Higher Supply Chain Visibility Higher Supply Chain Visibility

Better Merchandising Decisions Better Merchandising Decisions

Personalised Customer Service Personalised Customer Service

More Insight into Business Performance More Insight into Business Performance

Why iVend Cloud?

All-inclusive Subscription Service
  • Fully managed, complete retail management for any sized retailer

  • iVend License Subscriptions, SQL Licenses and Windows Server Licenses

  • Support, delivery and management for your retail infrastructure and applications
Minimal Infrastructure Costs
  • Eliminate infrastructure investments for on-premise servers, routers, switches, firewalls, UPS and related networking

  • No need for hardware upgrades during peak seasons or to meet computing resource requirements

  • Smaller IT footprint without the need for additional IT and database administration headcount

High Availability
  • Database instances configured for high availability without additional investments or database administrators

  • Avoid costly system downtime from server failure or crash with 100% committed uptime

  • Effective database management including performance tuning, backups, de-fragmentation, etc.

Expert Support
  • Bypass excessive levels of escalation to get the right attention and support with direct access to iVend Service Portal

  • Committed L1, L2, L3 Support from knowledgeable iVend Retail Engineers and Product Specialists

  • Continuous monitoring of replication and integration queues between participating applications

Complete Application Management

iVend Retail includes complete application management, so you run your retail operations and we run your IT, including:

  • Performance optimisation

  • Deployment of patches, hot fixes and ensuring a stable environment

  • Level 1, 2 and 3 support services

  • Application Management Services, included in the standard license fee

  • 99% uptime

  • Resolve issues as they arise on a priority basis

  • Services extend to the test system

  • Application monitoring to ensure data integrity

Enhanced Security & Superior Data Integrity

iVend Retail hosted on Microsoft Azure with delivery, management and support of infrastructure and applications

Enhanced Security

  • Dedicated Cloud environment hosted on Microsoft Azure

  • Daily, real-time data backups, with a rolling 7-day storage file
  • Security hardening for data integrity, and protection against viruses, malware and phishing attacks

Data Integrity

  • Data quality and adequate storage
  • System availability and application server health
  • Clean integration queues and audit error logs

Straightforward Infrastructure Management

iVend Retail includes system monitoring and management for your enterprise infrastructure, saving your company money and time, while also maximising your resources.

  • Monitoring system parameters such as memory, CPU and hard disc usage, slow performing queries, etc.

  • Daily backups with rolling 7 days backup on file

  • Ensuring the system is protected at all times with the most secure and advanced antivirus and malware software to reduce the risk of cyber data threats

  • Cloud clustering and high availability configurations for maximum throughput

  • Complete Infrastructure Management, delivered by an expert team

  • Slow running queries will be monitored and optimised

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