iVend Retail

iVend Inventory Management Software for Retail

Automate retail’s hardest tasks with a mobile inventory solution designed to improve efficiency and visibility into stock across the enterprise.

Accurate, Real-Time Visibility into Your Inventory Levels

You need inventory software that supports your business goals, streamlines operational processes, adds to your profit margins, and most importantly, improves your customers shopping experience. What you don’t need is one that makes more work for your store employees and back office staff.

iVend Retail Inventory Management is a powerful software that is designed for the way retailers work today and for the way customers shop today. Give your workforce the tools they need to successfully and quickly update inventory levels with minimal errors, while at the same time providing your managers with usable, clean data to make strategic business decisions.

The Proof is in the Numbers

iVend Retail customers report a 10% reduction in inventory investment.
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Proof is Number

More Control, Lower Inventory Costs

iVend Retail Inventory Management gives you the ability to control your inventory costs better than you ever have before and helps you operate a single stock pool which directly impacts your operations and the customer experience.

Get real-time visibility

Get real-time visibility

Lower your inventory costs

Lower your inventory costs

Communicate with all sales channels in real-time

Create consistent experiences across sales channels

Fewer lost sales from accurate stock levels

Fewer lost sales from accurate stock levels

More manageable returns from any store

More manageable returns from any store

Features of iVend Inventory Management

  • Use with handheld terminals in store
  • Android App available for handheld inventory management
  • Raise purchase orders in store for local vendors
  • Compare goods receiving against purchase orders or warehouse shipments
  • Inter-store transfers
  • Click and collect receipts in store
  • Inventory counting and adjustments
  • Returns to vendor
  • Manage in-store consumption of inventory otherwise meant for sale
  • Requisition stock from headquarters

Business Benefits of iVend Inventory Management Software

Complete inventory visibility across the entire enterprise and the ability to check stock levels from anywhere in the store.

Maximize inventory productivity regardless of where the inventory is located.

Achieve highly accurate stock counts and reports, and efficiently perform cycle counts with real-time barcode scanning.

Easily manage product SKUs and pricing across all channels and customer groups.

Deliver a heightened customer experience and reduce wait times by instantly looking up product availability and pricing data from anywhere in the store.

Business Benefits of iVend Inventory Management Software

iVend Handheld for Android

Google Play

Combine RF-based handheld devices with iVend Retail’s inventory management software to maximise productivity when it comes to inventory management. From stock counting, managing product SKU’s, and real-time data validation, your store associates will embrace the move to mobility.


  • Stock counting via Barcode Scan
  • Goods Receipt PO
  • Goods Return to Vendor
  • Item Lookup
  • Stock Transfer
  • Request
  • Shipment
  • Receipt
  • Stock Management
  • Goods Issue
  • Goods Receipt
  • Location Transfer
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Store Order Picking

Incredibly intuitive software for extremely efficient retail inventory management. Store order picking is no simple task — Order picking is when the products listed in an order are retrieved from their respective warehouses. It is the first stage in fulfilling a customer’s order, and it’s essential that the process is flawless so that the remaining fulfilment processes—order packing, shipping, and post-sales activity—can also run smoothly. Fortunately, we’ve got that covered.

  • Pick list(s) for Special Orders
  • Pick list(s) by Customer

  • Pick list(s) by Fulfilment Type

  • Near real time status update of picking – marked for picking, picked, etc.

  • Options for partial picking, cancellation of pick list

  • Orders partially picked cannot be delivered until fully picked

  • Fulfilment from terminal POS

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