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Introducing the All-in-One POS

iVend POS powers brick-and-mortar stores as a full service point of sale. Available on terminal and mobile devices, its multi-store, multi-user, eCommerce integrated, loyalty-ready capabilities make it easy to sell to your customers, and more importantly, keep them coming back. Customizable UI empowers you to reflect your retail brand consistently across all shopping channels.

iVend POS is the feature-rich core of the iVend Retail management suite and allows centralised management of all inventory, customer profiles and configurations, including pricing, discounts, promotions, tender types, layaways, and returns, from one place. The intuitive UI can be operated using a touch screen or keyboard, on iOS, Android or PC, online or offline, and connects to all the latest hardware – barcode scanners, receipt printers, cash drawers.

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Why iVend POS

A Digital Store Platform

Today’s consumers demand a seamless shopping experience. iVend Retail presents a series of seven tightly integrated software modules that bridge your eCommerce and bricks-and-mortar presence to help you exceed your customer’s great omnichannel expectations.

Improved Customer Experience

iVend POS transforms the point of sale into a point of service, with features that enhance the shopping experience. Empower store associates to provide a more personalised experience by accessing customer purchase history and information from anywhere in the store. Reduce wait and transaction times by transitioning from a terminal to a mobile device. Customize all screens and printed documents to your brand standards. Know your product inventory in-real time – giving your sales associates more power to up-sell, cross-sell and increase customer value.

A Single Stock Pool for Better Inventory Management

Inventory management is a key omnichannel challenge and accurate allocation and replenishment are critical to customer satisfaction. iVend Retail provides real-time, accurate visibility into inventory and allows for the distribution of inventory for all channels from the same warehouse, resulting in few-stocks, savings in inventory carrying costs and easier fulfilment by virtue of real-time view of all the stock held by the enterprise. Put simply, increasing inventory accuracy drives revenue, and generates a greater return on investment.

Consistent Service Across All Channels

By supporting every possible customer path through the retailer’s ecosystem with consistent approaches to promotions, customer returns and exchanges, earning and redemption of loyalty rewards, use of gift cards and digital passes (electronic coupons), iVend POS ensures the most uniform consumer experience, irrespective of how your customers shop.

Integrated Reporting & Analytics

Transform data into decisions with integrated reporting and analytics for real-time insight into KPIs, including best sellers, customer analysis and sales performance. Reports are easily accessible via user-friendly dashboards. Dashboards and reports are mobile-friendly, and can be SMS-triggered, allowing for decision making from anywhere, even from the store floor.

Enhanced Loyalty

iVend POS helps retailers reward customer value across all channels with integrated store and online loyalty, allowing shoppers to accrue and redeem points in any channel. Provide more rewarding experiences for your shoppers and valuable customer insights for more targeted marketing and promotions.

Safe & Secure

Secure payments through regional and country specific integrated payment systems allow for numerous payment methods and tenders. Transactions are fully integrated into the sales process to allow for faster checkout experience for your customers. iVend POS includes integration of data encryption and tokenization security solutions for full PCI DSS and EMV compliance. iVend POS also helps combat in-store fraud by assigning access rights per salesperson with security, Biometric login, as well as to management of data access restrictions with password, and automatic alerts on suspicious behaviors.

Full Benefits List
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Point of Sale handheld scanner

Grow Your Retail Business with Powerful POS Technology

Centralised Gift Card & Voucher Management

  • Available in 4 ways: System Generated, Pre – Printed, User Defined, Email
  • Define at Enterprise Level or Store level
  • Issue, redeem and recharge at POS
  • Gift Cards balances are replicated all across the retail network

Seamless Payments

  • Multiple Payment Types Supported
  • Secure Credit Card Authorisations
  • Cash Management
  • Detailed Tender Counting for Credit Cards/ Debit Cards/ Voucher/ Check / Travelers Cheque
  • Collect advance payments or deposits
  • Receive payments on account
  • Print payment receipts

Point of Sale & Checkout

Execute quick transactions with custom branded, user-friendly terminal interfaces, collect and manage customer details for more personalised service, fulfill Buy Online Pick-up In-Store transactions, improve promotion management with automated discounts, gift cards, integrated loyalty, eCommerce and more.

  • Fast checkout – 2 clicks to make a sale
  • Comprehensive POS Designer for custom, branded UI
  • Show the customised product and customer information on the main screen
  • Multiple transaction types in a single transaction
  • Multi-currency transactions including cash back in foreign currency
  • Multi-language operation
  • Matrix view of item attributes for easy product selection from complex assortments
  • Support for Signature capture devices
  • Sophisticated promotions capability using combinations of price reductions, free goods, bonus buys or multi-deals
  • Display customer balance, available credit and product images
  • Age verification and hazardous product warnings
  • Add specific transaction comments which can be printed on the receipt
  • Automatically lock POS when idle more than a set time
  • Layaway (lay-by) booking and fulfilment
  • Print gift receipts
  • Redeem digital passes (electronic coupons)
  • Define shortcuts in the system for changing the discount & quantities
  • International capabilities with user definable language support
  • Keyboard operation or Touch Screen, Dual display capabilities
  • Minimum level | Order multiple | Lead time | Replenishment sources | Pack size/UOM

Pricing & Promotion Management

Enable a wide range of promotion types and common promotions across all channels, supporting a consistent brand experience.

  • Tax Exclusive / Tax Inclusive Pricing
  • Store Specific Pricing
  • Special Prices For Business Partners
  • Period and Volume Discounts
  • Promotion Based On Sale Totals
  • Happy Hour Based Promotions
  • Discount Groups based on Items or Manufacturers
  • Mark up or mark down a price list or special price list

Loyalty & Customer Management

Win back churned customers and increase customer lifetime value with in-built loyalty that tracks all customer contacts and purchasing preferences; launch targeted promotions, offers, and personalised campaigns that keep customers coming back.

  • Easily send loyalty notifications to valued customers
  • Multiple loyalty plans can be set up either for the entire enterprise or specifically for individual stores
  • Multiple loyalty plans can assign points or currency based on customer purchases
  • Ability to define membership of group schemes, e.g. for all family members or to support a particular school or charity
  • Individual plans can relate to specific products or promotions or exclude products (for example clearance items) or promotions
  • Loyalty Referral Programs can be defined to provide referral bonus points whenever an existing loyalty customer facilitates creation of a new loyalty customer
  • Product catalogue specifically for loyalty customers can be created on iVend eCommerce
  • Ensure no points are awarded on loyalty redemption and points are awarded before tax
  • Set up a new loyalty customer and create customer records from POS, Check customer credit limit and credit availability
  • Track and redeem loyalty rewards at POS

Merchandising, Replenishing & Forecasting

  • Generate sales forecasts by product, product group, product categories and merchandise hierarchy; can be consumed in replenishment planning
  • Sales Forecasting model with automatic “best pick” option
  • Logically group items into a merchandise hierarchy for effective planning
  • Define multiple Merchandise Hierarchies in the system; define up to 15 levels in an hierarchy
  • Attach more than one Merchandise Hierarchy to individual products
  • Top down reporting at all Merchandise Hierarchy levels Manage store inventory using a handheld device running Windows Mobile OS version 6.0 or 6.5
  • Replenishment Planning Available for execution at Store or at the Enterprise
  • Generate recommendations to replenish warehouses or stores by purchase orders or stock transfers

Inventory Control & Stock Management

Manage your inventory level to match anticipated demand; track all stock items and movements with full visibility into real-time inventory availability across the retail chain.

  • View entire stock across stores or at the main warehouse/distribution center at the POS
  • Manage Stock with Handheld Devices
  • Raise purchase orders in store for local vendors
  • Goods receiving against PO or warehouse shipments
  • Buy Online Pickup In-Store (BOPIS) receipts in store
  • Inventory counting and adjustments
  • Inter-store transfers, transactions, item order and fulfillment from other stores or DC
  • Store and track offline inventory

System & Deployment

  • Real time replication of transaction data across the enterprise
  • Works in both online and offline mode
  • Available On-Premises and On-Cloud
  • Offline POS On-Cloud enables retailers to configure and connect the terminal POS to a hosted/cloud store.
  • iVend Cloud Control Center is a tenant management tool for partners who host iVend Retail in a data center
  • Comprehensive reporting of all aspects of store operations when coupled with iVend Reporting and Analytics
  • Manager overrides where appropriate
  • Time clock management for store employees
  • Retailer editable captions on all screens and printed materials, e.g. receipts, layaway documentation, etc.
  • Hide unwanted fields, make some fields mandatory, and specify acceptable ranges and lengths for fields
  • Runs on a wide variety of hardware, no-hardware handcuffs
Full Features List

iVend POS is available On-Premise & On-Cloud

How iVend POS Works

In today’s competitive marketplace, successful retailers are implementing technology strategies to enhance the customer experience.

How can iVend Retail help?
iVend Retail is a Scalable, Integrated, Available, Mobile and Secure solution designed for the way retailers work today, and the way customers shop. By making customer experience a central focus, retailers can transform their businesses to deliver unified, personalised customer experiences in-store, online, on the go and on a mobile or tablet device. Watch this short video to learn about the differentiators any retailer should evaluate before selecting retail technology.

How it Works

Frequently Asked Questions

How is iVend POS licensed?

iVend POS is priced per POS device (terminal or mobile), not per user. Each device can be configured to be operated by unlimited users enabling a true multi-user platform. With iVend POS, you only pay for the software per device, regardless of the number of cashiers and employees.

Which OS & hardware does iVend POS support?

iVend POS is Windows OS based software that allows for a variety of peripherals and device configurations, including scanners, cash drawers, displays and EMV-compliant card readers. iVend Retail currently runs on Microsoft using the Microsoft SQL Server database.

How to Deploy iVend POS?

iVend POS can be deployed on-premise or on-Cloud. Stores can have a store server and the POS devices can be linked either to the store server or directly to iVend Enterprise over the Internet. Whatever the configuration chosen, full resilience is maintained even if network connections are lost for a period of time. The replication engine ensures referential integrity is maintained when the network connection is restored.

How to Configure iVend POS?

iVend POS connects to the iVend Enterprise at the store or at the Head Office over a LAN Connection with offline capabilities. iVend POS is highly flexible allows for multi-language support at the register and the ability to create Retail Profiles for each cashier, assigning specific roles and security policies to individual cashiers and not to the physical POS device allowing them to work on multiple registers seamlessly.

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