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In today’s digital world where many things can get obsolete fast, it’s all about the cloud, and the promise that your data is safe and secure off-site, with 24×7 access. download iVend Cloud WhitepaperCloud technology has made its way into the world of Point of Sale systems, and many business owners are transitioning from hosting their own servers to the simplicity of a cloud hosting.

As one of the few Enterprise-Class Retail solutions available both on premises and on the cloud, iVend Retail caters to the diverse needs of retailers large and small – boutiques, specialty, mid-sized, as well as big-box retailers.

Available on virtual, hosted servers provided by Amazon Web Services and Cloudiax, iVend Retail eliminates many of the logistical and operational challenges in maintaining expensive, resource intensive IT infrastructure. Cloud infrastructure offers daily backups, 99.9% always online functionality and the flexibility of multi-tenant servers.

With iVend Retail deployed on the cloud, back office functions like management of inventory, promotions, gift cards, coupons, stock, cash reconciliation, user permissions and end of day tasks are executed on the cloud – granting store managers and Head Office users remote visibility into enterprise wide operations.

Four reasons to reach for the cloud

Deliver A Seamless Shopping Model

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Faster Go-To-Market

  • Scale your retail footprint faster, without the burden of investing in traditional IT infrastructure at the store OR at the Head Office
  • Respond faster to rapidly changing consumer expectations
  • Access the latest technology without increasing budget, while creating an agile infrastructure

Global Reach with Local Control

  • Eliminate up front capital investments to simplify global expansion
  • Save on capital investments versus deploying traditional POS systems by running applications on iOS or Android devices
  • Ensure co-existence of traditional stores with on cloud stores with support for various formats and policies depending upon geography

Streamlined Operations

  • Free up in-store staff to focus on delivering personalized customer experiences
  • Run the most updated software – as the entire in-store IT application management is achieved centrally
  • Centrally manage master and transactional data to ensure up-to-date customer information, including interactions across various touch points – web, mobile, stores

Scalable and Collaborative

  • Scale up more quickly with support for deployments for everything from pop-up stores to permanent expansions, and scale down just as quickly if business conditions change
  • Plan for peak load times to avoid overloading systems with appropriate IT sizing
  • Access Enterprise-Class infrastructure and service without regardless of business size

iVend Retail Cloud Landscape

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Experience iVend Retail on Cloud

In the competitive world of retail today, agile infrastructure can help businesses grow with a minimal IT footprint.

How can iVend Retail help?

iVend Retail combines  cloud, mobile, and integrated retail management technologies to improve retail business outcomes and your ability to compete. iVend Retail is a next generation retail management solution that runs on cloud and provides fast, reliable services. Watch this short video to learn more about the benefits of deploying your solutions on Cloud.


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