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iVend Cloud Overview

iVend Cloud is amongst the first few Enterprise Class Retail applications to ALSO be available on the cloud.

Retail is one industry, which offers equal amount of opportunities for retailers of all sizes. download iVend Cloud WhitepaperSmall and mid-sized retailers aspire to become large players where as the big box retailers aspire to capture the lower end of the segment by increasing their retail footprint. All these retailers have the same challenge of faster and cost-effective expansion.

iVend Cloud is one such application that suites the diverse needs of all – smaller, boutique, specialty retailers, mid-sized retailers as well as the big-box retailers.

iVend Cloud allows the not-so-large retailers to scale up to an Enterprise Class Retail Operations and at the same time allows the Enterprise Class Retailers to expand their retail footprint while ensuring streamlined operations, cost optimizations, ease of use & deployment and an unparalleled agility for effective and faster response to the changing market dynamics.

iVend Cloud does so by taking away the logistical and operational challenge in maintaining expensive, resource intensive IT infrastructure. Retailers looking for faster and effective expansion only need to deploy Mobile POS at their stores. Day to day back office functions can now be handled by accessing the store manager application hosted on the cloud.

With iVend Cloud, back office functions like management of inventory, promotions, gift cards, coupons, stock take, cash reconciliations, user rights, end of day, etc. are executed on the store managers console on the cloud – giving the store manager an anytime anywhere accessibility into this store operations. The users at the Head Office, on the other hand get a real time view into the operations at the store.

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Benefits of cloud based applications notwithstanding; mid-sized and even large Enterprise Retailers today want to have an Enterprise Class Retail Application on the Cloud. Large Enterprise Retailers now have the unique opportunity to let their traditional brick and mortar stores co-exist with stores on the cloud.

Provide engaging in-store experience while streamlining the transaction processes with iVend Cloud Retail Suite enables retailers to accommodate Multi Channel expectations and build customer loyalty.

iVend Cloud is an Enterprise Class Retail Application Suite for retail businesses requiring less up-front capital investment than traditional Retail IT deployment models.

Potential benefits of using iVend Cloud to meet the three business imperatives in retail operations:

Faster Go To Market

  • iVend Cloud enables retailers to scale their retail footprint much faster without the burden of investing in traditional IT infrastructure at the store OR at the Head Office.
  • Helps a retailer respond rapidly to fast changing consumer expectations.
  • Future ready with the latest technology without increasing the budget, and creating an agile infrastructure

Global spread with a local control

  • A cloud based retail infrastructure can be commissioned with great ease, without upfront capital investment making it easy to rapidly expand in global markets.
  • A retailer can save considerable capital cost in deploying traditional POS systems. This is achieved by running POS application on portable tablets – be it iOS or Andriod.
  • iVend Cloud ensures co-existence of traditional stores as well as stores on the cloud. This facilitates the retailer to locally manage varied store formats. Retailer can now have different store management policies depending on the demographics of where in the world the store is located.

Streamlined cost-effective operations that are easier to manage

  • Cloud based applications in general and iVend Cloud in particular free up valuable time of the in-store staff for better and personalized customer interactions.
  • iVend Cloud also ensures that the entire application landscape is always running the most updated software – the entire in-store IT management of applications is now done centrally on iVend Cloud.
  • Centralized master and transactional data management ensures up-to-date customer’s contextual information of their interactions with the retailers across the various touch points – web, mobile, stores, etc.

Scalable and collaborative

  • iVend Cloud provides a retailer the flexibility to scale up quickly, supporting IT deployments for everything from pop-up stores to more permanent expansions, and to scale down just as quickly when business conditions change
  • Till now Large Retailers had to maintain IT infrastructure in-house with a plan for peak loads — which meant that at times the systems were not fully utilized or worse still, were overloaded. iVend Cloud takes away from the retailer this hassle of appropriate IT sizing.
  • Forward looking fast growing retailers get an Enterprise Class Infrastructure and service without any discrimination
  • iVend Cloud represents a natural evolution to a truly Multi Channel view of the consumer experience with migration to a single source of truth about customers, products, promotions, etc. and not just physical migration of technology

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Experience iVend Retail on Cloud

POS applications on the cloud are now a reality. There are many cloud based applications and numerous number of small retailers using iPad POS.

Benefits of cloud based applications not withstanding; mid-sized and even large Enterprise Retailers today want to have an Enterprise Class Retail Application on the Cloud.

Large Enterprise Retailers now have the unparalleled opportunity to have their traditional brick and mortar stores co-exist with stores on the cloud.

Business expansion with minimal IT footprint is now a distinct possibility. iVend Retail is amongst the first few Enterprise Class Retail Application Suite available on the cloud.

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