iVend POS Integration with Shopify


iVend and Shopify – the perfect sales combination

Leverage the benefits of both brick-and-mortar and ecommerce by using iVend POS integration with Shopify. Expand your sales and reach customers through both physical and digital channels. With strong integration between the two platforms, your customers will have a consistent experience with your brand, no matter when, where or how they choose to shop. Improve productivity and optimize profits by effectively managing inventory across various locations and channels. Obtain an up-to-date summary of sales performance and obtain valuable insights into the actual top-selling items and their locations.

Streamline your operations and expand your reach with our integrated POS and eCommerce solution for true omnichannel success

Simplify eCommerce for established brick-and-mortar businesses

Sophisticated eCommerce features to help retailers expand and increase sales

Grow into new channels, geographies and reach new customers

Deliver consistent “omnichannel” customer experience across all sales channels

Communicate with all sales channels in real-time

Effortlessly expand in different countries to acquire new customers

Customer Service data

Optimize stock productivity, sales, and customer satisfaction by managing all sales channels from a shared inventory pool

Streamline sales operations and inventory visibility across channels

Accept a wide variety of payment options, including credit cards, COD, store credit and coupons

Sell online to both businesses and consumers all from an integrated solution

Leverage the latest eCommerce technology to maximize the impact of search engine optimization (SEO)

iVend Retail provides an out-of-the-box integration to Magento Commerce

ADVANTAGE: iVend POS integration with Shopify

The seamless integration of iVend Retail integrated suite with Shopify offer numerous advantages to retailers. By leveraging the strengths of both systems, retailers can offer customers a seamless omnichannel experience. Real-time inventory updates across all channels ensure that customers can find the products they want whether they shop online or in-store. Additionally, an integrated solution allows retailers to manage their entire operation from one central location, streamlining processes and providing valuable insights into sales performance. This can lead to increased productivity, optimized profits, and an enhanced customer experience, ultimately driving business growth.

The iVend Retail + Magento Integration Advantage
  • Ready-to-use integration connector enables easy plug-and-play automation for all business processes
  • With iVend integrated to Shopify, centrally manage all your locations and channels in real-time
  • Increase revenue by focusing on the most profitable products/services. Utilize in-depth analysis to make well-informed decisions about what’s selling well and in which locations
  • Never run out of stock again: iVend POS and Shopify will ensure that you always have the appropriate amount of inventory available when you need it

ebookAPPSeCONNECT empowers seamless integration between iVend and Shopify.

Are you curious about iVend for Shopify? Discover the advantages of using an integrated POS and eCommerce solution for your retail business.

Seamless Integrations: iVend Retail and Shopify

The iVend Retail solution suite and Shopify integrate flawlessly through the RESTful API protocol, providing a hybrid business model to manage Brick & Mortar, eCommerce, and m-Commerce operations effectively.

The integration of iVend Retail and Shopify allows retailers and brand owners to enhance their eCommerce operations by providing a complete, two-way synchronization. This integration enables them to offer better checkout processes, quicker delivery, and real-time purchases to customers worldwide. The main objective of this integration is to create a smooth purchasing journey for customers and improve their overall experience with the brand.

Integrations with iVend Retail and Magento

Don’t Get Left Behind

Global research shows that shoppers are increasingly turning to online channels for their shopping needs. To thrive in these challenging economic conditions, retailers must have eCommerce integration. This enables them to meet the demands of modern shoppers and expand their customer base, resulting in increased sales and business growth.

Integrate your physical and digital channels to support the omnichannel customer journey with:

Integrate your physical and digital channels
  • A centralised view of your customers across all channels for targeted marketing campaigns
  • Single stock pool with full visibility into inventory availability anywhere across the enterprise

  • Curbside Pickup, Click & Collect, and ship direct to customer from store functionalities

  • Cross-selling and upselling to online shoppers

  • Business analysis tools to ensure profitable product placement and promotions through coupons

We make integrating with Shopify easy.

Become an omnichannel powerhouse. Contact us today to learn about leveraging integrated online sales to grow your enterprise.

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