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The links on this page give you the access to the most updated documentation on iVend Retail. The documentation on this page has three sections in the form of embedded help manual, is neatly organized into different sections, quite similar to the way the application is organized.

The entire documentation aims to familiarize the user with all the fields and their descriptions for every screen in the application.

iVend Retail

iVend Retail is the execution point of all the processes and policies defined by the  retail organization. iVend Retail Help gives the user a detailed information on all the screens and the business processes associated with the screens. The Help also gives the user a field level detail of all the screens used in iVend Retail.


iVend Management Console

iVend Management Console is the application which is used to perform managerial functions related to the retail operations. It is the same application that is used either by the retail planners at the Head Office OR by the store manager to fulfill his day-to-day store related managerial business functions.

iVend API Documentation

iVend APIs are used to integrate retail transactions and master data in iVend Retail with third party applications. The documentation details the different methods and their properties with sample code on how best to utilize iVend APIs for integrations.

iVend Retail Extensibility

iVend Extensibility facilitates the programmers to enhance and extend the business logic of the iVend Retail application as per new business requirements of the retail ecosystem due to growing business needs and advancements.
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