iVend Customer Facing Display

Offer a better checkout experience with iVend Customer Facing Display. Allow customers to visually confirm orders, engage with loyalty programming, and provide feedback.

Improve The Customer Experience By Ensuring Accuracy with POS Customer Display

Things move fast in retail and pricing errors do occur from time to time. Eliminate incorrect purchases or inaccurate pricing by providing your customers with a versatile, customisable screen that creates an elevated experience for your business and your customers.

iVend Retail’s Customer Facing Display is meant to help your store staff avoid costly errors by allowing patrons to visually confirm orders and provide customers with a seamless opportunity to engage with your loyalty program or provide feedback.

With Customer Facing Display you can display transaction information on a secondary display to your customers while you’re processing a sale. Customers see the items being scanned, the total price of their purchase, discounts and taxes in real-time.

A Fully Customisable Customer Display POS

It’s your choice what you want the screen to display to customers. Customse the interface to your liking – choose fonts, colours, and background and product images. Display an idle screen with promotions, offers or brand identity; real-time transaction details; fields to capture customer data, such as email or phone; plus, the ability to collect customer feedback on the shopping experience.

Display Real-Time, Purchase Details

Display Real-Time, Purchase Details


  • Extend your brand to the POS
    The fully customisable user interface allows you select your colours and images to make your POS fit the venue and not the other way around
  • Highlight promotions to drive repeat business
    Feature special offers, new products, or raise awareness of other info, like your social media profiles
  • Stay in compliance with local laws
    Various regulations and ordinances may require that sellers have a customer display in certain circumstances, or they could face fines
  • Reduce errors with easy-to-review sale details
    Prices are all displayed to shoppers, so they can visually confirm their order purchase

Customer Facing Display Screen Features

Idle Screen

Display rich visuals, including media files, Flash files, videos or images to communicate brand identity, offers or promotions between transactions or when an employee logs off


Transaction Screen

Display selected transaction details to the customer in real-time, such as:

  • Live Transaction

  • Product Images

  • Customer Information

Customer Information Screen

  • Allow customers to create or update their existing information with your company by filling their own registration details and confirming preferences

  • Update customer email and phone number


Feedback Screen

  • At end of transaction, display an optional customer questionnaire with a single or multiple choice question to collect quick and easy feedback from the customer on their shopping experience

  • Answers can be displayed in the form of text or images

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