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iVend Retail empowers retailers to deliver seamless customer experiences across all channels with a cloud-based retail management platform. Transform your business and build a commanding position in today’s demanding omnichannel retail environment.


Our products & services are designed for your retail success.

We’ve been in the retail industry for over 15 years, and we’ve learned a lot about what it takes to be successful in retail today. With iVend Retail, you gain the advantage of:

End To End Omnichannel Excellence

End-to-End Omnichannel Excellence

Centralised and integrated enterprise retail management for delivery of seamless customer experiences across every sales channel.

Global Expertise

Global Expertise, Localised

Robust international partner ecosystem with local product expertise for your most important projects, plus dedicated 24/7 support.

Deep Indutry

Deep Industry Innovation

Experience-driven development empowers brands to quickly add new capabilities and keep pace with changing consumer preferences and retail trends.

Covid-19 has redefined the retail playing field. We’re here to help you successfully navigate to the goal.

Consumers have changed their behaviours in response to the global pandemic. Many are facing changes in personal income and leisure time. Others are turning to alternative channels, including online and contactless shopping as the go-to alternative. As a result, retail digitalisation has become a must.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation in retail has become today’s business imperative.

It’s time to rethink how your organisation can use technology to pursue new revenue streams and business models.

Deliver omnichannel experiences with ease with Digital Commerce.

Realise the value of tightly connected physical and digital sales channels with integrated eCommerce and a true digital store platform.

Digital Commerce

Omnichannel Personalisation

Eliminate gaps in your customer’s journey with Omnichannel Personalisation.

Meaningfully engage your shoppers at every touchpoint with solutions built around the experiences today’s consumers have come to expect.

Systems Integration means everything when you’re running an enterprise.

Achieving better control by easily syncing data and automating business processes between your ERP and other critical business systems.


Drive greater value across your retail enterprise.

iVend Retail provides solutions that benefit every aspect of the retail organisation. Learn how you can improve operations from digital to physical channels, from stores to the back-office and head-office.


Increase the value of your business and equity by maximising sales potential, market share, profits and return on capital employed with a fully integrated sales growth program.


  • Minimise your dependency on in-house IT resources and conserve capital for expansion plans
  • Simplify operations with nearly linear growth in capacity and cost
  • Get a better focus on your business through easy to access reports and dashboards
  • Integrate with leading ERP, merchandise and eCommerce systems to protect existing investments


Transform operational performance across your retail enterprise by identifying the right omnichannel initiatives for your growth.


  • Shift to cloud-based platform to better utilise available technology business models
  • Expand your digital capabilities to be at the forefront of digitisation
  • Achieve sales objectives with a lower stock to sales ratio and focus inventory where it is most needed
  • Get specific about where and how sales originate to estimate margins and profits from different sales channels
  • Boost margins through better controlled refunds and returns processes


Reinvent your role from managing unintegrated technology and other mundane data tasks to focusing on the future of your business.


  • Optimise performance and data integrity for 99% uptime with Cloud application management
  • Monitoring of system infrastructure covers daily backups, performance optimisations, and dynamic scaling
  • Access to L1, L2 and L3 support with committed response times and regular performance reports
  • State-of-the art replication engine with web monitor and IoT insights dashboard provides enterprise-wide operational visibility


Deliver a consistent customer experience across all sales channels with a true omnichannel solution that delivers the insights you need to understand your businesses and customers.


  • Centrally manage promotions, loyalty and gift cards across sales channels
  • Identify, reward and communicate personalised offers to your most loyal customers
  • Segment and target your customer base with integrated campaign management
  • Increase traffic and grow average transaction value with loyalty programming
  • Collect data from online and POS to identify trends through retail reports

Store Operations Executives

Drive productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction in your stores by fulfilling demand for products from every channel within the business.

Store Operations Executives

  • Drive traffic in-store and online via connected promotions and cross-channel customer engagement
  • Efficiently serve customers in store with fast checkouts, Mobile POS and customer facing displays for greater transparency
  • Access customer purchase history and profile to deliver a personalised experience
  • Accept online returns and process orders for delivery from within the store and POS

eCommerce Executives

Deliver seamless omnichannel capabilities to delight customers via integrated digital and physical sales channels.

eCommerce Executives

  • Offer Click & Collect, Buy Online Pickup In Store or Curbside
  • Boost profitability with a single inventory pool for your entire enterprise
  • Centrally manage all Customers, Prices, Gift Cards, Loyalty Plans, and Coupons
  • Seamlessly integrate stores operations with your eCommerce (Magento Community Edition)
  • Process order fulfilment through Mobile POS, reducing labour costs in stores and warehouses

We’re a recognised leader in retail and continually growing.

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Powering retail operations around the world with Retail Software.

We’re helping retailers around the globe to gain a competitive advantage amid the disruption. Learn how our customers have accelerated their digital transformation with a technical foundation engineered for ongoing success.



We needed a system that was flexible, that would allow us to grow the business as well. With iVend Retail we’ve put in various elements, like a back office system, a hospitality system and reporting & analytics system. The solution has given us some really good dashboards giving real time insight to the retail manager. It has given us the opportunity to use self-checkout to help customers.

– Mark Elliot, IT Manager, Pioneer Foods

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We implemented iVend Retail alongside SAP Business One to address a total lack of inventory information. As a result, we gained inventory visibility that allows us to educate customers on product quality, view sales every day at each store in real-time.

– David Miller, CEO & President Goodwill Industries San Joaquin Valley

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Navigate the impact of COVID-19 on your business with help from iVend Retail.

The global retail industry has been greatly affected by COVID-19 from how people shop to how businesses operate. To help you navigate this trying time and more importantly be ready to successfully take on the next phase of business, we are offering a selection of solutions at discounted and introductory pricing.

View our Retail Stimulus Offers and tips of navigating this time to help you prepare now for a robust restart of business.

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