The Systems Integration means everything when you’re running an enterprise

Achieve better control by automating data synchronisation between your retail management platform, ERP and other critical business systems.

The Systems Integration means everything when you’re running a retail enterprise

Achieve better control with the automation of data synchronization through the integration of POS with ERP and other critical business systems

Eliminate Data Silos

Eliminate Data Silos

Today, retailers face many challenges in making business decisions and optimising processes due to key information and functions being spread across multiple software applications.

This necessity of using different applications for different facets of their business makes it difficult to see all relevant data in one location.

Achieving a single stream of data truth from your retail IT systems is possible with integrated retail solutions. The right solutions can effectively streamline data analysis, so retail management can view internal and external system data all from one platform.

Achieve Operational Efficiency

Achieve Operational Efficiency

When all data systems work together, retailers can reduce the amount of manpower spent managing data. Eliminating synchronisation issues can be done via automation or in-built connectors.

Once connected, retailers with integrated solutions benefit from greater transparency and data accuracy, streamlined workflows and regained time.

Siloed data can hold back the entire retail enterprise, preventing businesses from realising important benefits that reduce costs and improve omnichannel capabilities.

Leverage the Combined Power of iVend Retail POS and ERP

The dream of a retail system where POS and ERP operate in flawless harmony, sharing data, providing unparalleled insight into business operations and inventory, without needing an IT army to make it happen, is possible.

Introducing iVend Retail! It is a retail management platform designed specifically to make ERP integration with POS seamless with open APIs.
Which ERP are you running? Sage, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, or any of the other thousands of software systems out there? iVend Retail integrates with all of them.

iVend Retail has been successfully integrated and certified with many leading Enterprise Resource Planning systems to help retailers optimise data use and gain visibility across corporate, subsidiary and supplier locations, simplify key processes for rapid scaling and provide actionable insights for smarter business decisions.

Sage X3
SAP IS Retail

Out-of-the-box POS Integrations for Flawless Retail Results

Integrated retail systems can transform your entire business from a conglomerate of disparate systems into a seamless, synergistic retail ecosystem based on a single stream of data truth.

  • Visibility into inventory to allow for business expansion into new channels and markets
  • Unified analytics and reporting to increase efficiency in business processes from scheduling to purchasing
  • Improved customer service, online and in-store, helping you to deliver the customer experience your shoppers expect
Flawless Retail Results

Shared Data

Fulfil your wish of a system where data is shared automatically, with a retail ecosystem that delivers:

  • End of day transactions — whether cash, credit, gift card already entered
  • Real-time inventory updates during receiving, sales and returns
  • A single stock pool across all websites and channels
  • Facilitation of multi-site management
  • Less redundancy — data already populates between systems
  • Data from all areas together for more meaningful insights

Leave the Work of POS ERP Integration to Us

Learn more about transforming your operations into a seamless, synergistic retail ecosystem.

The Advantage of iVend API

The iVend API helps connect different parts of a retail business that are usually separate, such as sales, back-office operations, and marketing.

If you use iVend Retail as your main system, you can connect all of your applications to create a complete solution for your operations.

  • Unlimited integration possibilities
  • Maximised operational potential
  • Increased return on investment

  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Simple configuration and implementation
  • Training and technical support
The Advantage of iVend API

iVend Retail Solutions

Retail Business Suite

Deliver optimum customer experiences across all channels, consistently and transparently.

Digital Transformation

Rethink how your organisation can use technology to pursue new revenue streams and business models.

Omnichannel Personalisation

Engage shoppers at every touchpoint with solutions built around today’s consumer preferences.

Digital Commerce

As the path to purchase becomes increasingly digital-first, now is the time to invest in tightly connected physical and digital channels.

iVend Retail Solutions

Deliver Experiences Your Customers Love with an End-to-End Integrated Solution

iVend Retail offers a scalable, Open API POS solution that can ease ERP integrations and transform disparate business solutions into a seamless retail ecosystem. Contact us today to find out more about how to eliminate POS ERP integration challenges.

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