iVend for Sage 300cloud

Power your retail business in a new way with iVend Retail & Sage 300cloud. An out-of-the-box integration delivers a seamless customer experience across all aspects of your business operations.

iVend Retail seamlessly integrates with Sage 300cloud to power your retail enterprise.


Designed for growing medium-sized businesses

24-7 support

24/7 access to transactional data with true Web screens across financials

Customer Service data

Financial, Operational, Inventory, Sales, Marketing and Customer Service data

Multi User

Multi-user, multi-currency and multi-language

In-built workflow

In-built workflow and process tools

Personalised KPI

Personalised KPI Dashboard and robust Business Intelligence tools

iVend Retail seamlessly integrates with Sage 300cloud

The iVend for Sage 300cloud Advantage

  • Strengthen Customer Loyalty

    Track all customer contacts and purchasing preferences; launch targeted promotions, offers, and personalised campaigns that keep customers coming back to buy more.

  • Anticipate Customer Demand

    Analyse complete past transaction data to predict customers will buy, check inventory availability in real time, and balance stock levels to match demand.

  • Optimise Inventory Management

    Manage store’s inventory level to match anticipated demand; track all stock items and movements with full visibility into real-time inventory availability.

  • Expand Online

    Design and manage online stores and seamlessly integrate them with back-end inventory management, order processing, shipment tracking, and payment systems.

  • Streamline Operations

    Seamlessly integrate key in-store and head office business processes into a single, unified system thereby reducing the need to recapture or manually import data.

  • Gain Visibility

    Access a single stream of data and easy to use contextual dashboards to enable more informed decision through automatic alerts, workflows, and response to key business events and customer needs.

ebookiVend Retail + Sage: Powering Retail Around the World

Learn how iVend Retail integrates with Sage 300cloud to deliver a seamless retail experience and is engineered to take full advantage of the unique strengths of Sage 300cloud.

Easily Achieve Omnichannel Capabilities

Well suited for midsized retail businesses, iVend Retail integrated with Sage 300cloud helps retailers adopt omnichannel capabilities with ease. The seamless integration between iVend Retail and Sage 300cloud provides end-to-end retail management with minimal manual intervention and streamlined retail functionality. Retailers can deliver a great shopping experience, with an enterprise ready omnichannel solution that is mobile, digital and global.

Seamless Integrations with iVend Retail and Sage 300cloud

iVend Retail integrates with Sage 300cloud via Open APIs allowing for centralised accounting while extending top of the line retail functionality to the entire business. Sage 300cloud is installed at the head-office and can be configured to connect to on premise or cloud deployed iVend Retail. Retail store operations are connected to iVend Enterprise – the central Head Office component of iVend Retail using internet or WAN connections. Fail safe replication allows store to continue trading even when the connection to the head-office is unavailable.

Integrations with iVend Retail and Sage 300cloud

Powering Retail Operations Around the World

Fresh Choice, FIJI

“iVend for Sage 300cloud have breathed new life into our retail ecosystem. We are happy to have a true Omnichannel solution featuring in-built loyalty management, coupons, and gift card functionality. iVend also prepares us to go online with complete integration to in-store systems. Additionally, iVend has helped with our data issues and improved our overall business practices.”

– Eremasi Matanatabu Chief Operating Officer, P. Meghji Trading Limited

Are you a Sage 300cloud reseller?

With seamless integration between the two systems, now is the time to roll out the premier retail platform for your clients. Find out how you can expand your business opportunities and become a CitiXsys partner and iVend Retail reseller.

Reduce your Sage 300cloud Total Cost of Ownership

With a seamless, cloud-based integration solution from iVend Retail, Sage 300cloud-enabled businesses can reduce resource requirements and avoid costly infrastructure investments.


  • Eliminate manual data entry and avoid costly errors
  • Increase the speed of data exchange, improving efficiency
  • Reduce deployment time by utilising out-of-box integration solutions
  • Free up time and resources to focus on your business


  • Bi-directional, automated data integration between Sage 300cloud and iVend Retail
  • A fully-managed solution all handled in the cloud; no on-premise software required
  • Unlimited, 24/7 support

We make integrating with your Sage 300cloud easy.

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