iVend Retail for Supermarkets

An Agile and Adaptable Cloud-Based Supermarket POS Software to Boost Sales

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Transact, Manage Inventory and Engage with your Customers

iVend Retail for Supermarkets is an enterprise-class retail management system that helps you address the supermarket industry’s biggest challenges with retail process optimisation, centralised data management, mobile checkouts and full control over inventory via a single stock pool. Configured for supermarket retail operations, iVend Retail can help increase revenues by integrating brick-and-mortar and online channels with digital technology designed to deliver boost customer satisfaction and profitability.

Transact, keep an eye on stock, and interact with customers using a retail solution for supermarkets that integrates point of sale, inventory management, logistics, click & collect (BOPIS), loyalty, and back-office operations.

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Discover ways to reinvigorate your retail management strategy to make your supermarket stores profitable even as the industry changes.

Why iVend Retail for Supermarkets

  • Digital Transformation

    The new imperative in the grocery ecosystem is digital transformation. iVend Retail for supermarkets is an enterprise-class retail management system allows grocery retailers to digitally transform their retail ecosystem by extending and improvising their online operations to keep up with the pace of shopper adoption.

  • Managing Customer Loyalty

    The challenge for Supermarket retailers is to keep their customers coming back to boost repeat sales. Knowing who your customers are along with their shopping preferences is no longer optional for grocery retailers. Deliver tailor-made loyalty programmes to individual shoppers by getting insights into their shopping history with a retail solution for supermarkets.

  • Run Promotions that boost Profits

    Discounting is an effective method of increasing sales. Customers are certainly drawn in when prices are reduced or slashed. Manage targeted discounts and promotions in a variety of formats by easily analysing detailed customer trends at individual stores and throughout the retail chain.

  • Frictionless Checkout

    Things that slow down the checkout process, such as long queues and slow payment methods, are the sources of friction in stores. iVend Retail for Supermarkets helps grocery retailers meet the self-checkout desire of their consumers by reducing the checkout time and also providing a safer contactless payment option.

  • Omnichannel Fulfilment

    iVend retail is a supermarket POS software that provides integrations to online ordering, and payment backed with real-time inventory updates. Supermarket retailers can support all types of buying behaviours from BOPIS (Buy online and pick up in-store), Curbside, to BORIS (Buy online and Return in Store).

  • POS Integrations

    Tailor iVend POS to cater for your unique business requirements with integration to industry-standard weight scales, and the flexibility to tailor the POS screen to quickly scan and serve the customer as quickly as possible. With the added ability to publish current in-store promotions on the customer display, building a consistent brand experience across multiple touchpoints.

Powerful Supermarket POS Software

  • Agile infrastructure
  • Global reach with local control
  • Scalable technology
  • Expiry date management
  • Shelf and item label printing
  • Better customer experience
  • Single pool of stock
  • Inventory transparency
  • Multiple Promotions
  • Business intelligence and analytics

Retail technologyiVend Retail Infographic for Supermarket

Realising The Value of Smart Retail Solutions for Supermarkets.

What are the Key features to look for in a Supermarket POS software?

A good Supermarket POS system should include features such as: customer management, inventory tracking, payment processing, reporting, loyalty programs, and secure data storage. Additionally, the system should be easy to use, have reliable support, and offer multiple hardware and software options to meet the needs of your supermarket. Finally, the system should have the ability to integrate with other systems, such as accounting or eCommerce, to streamline operations.

How can a Supermarket POS System help retailers boost sales?

A Supermarket POS System can help retailers boost sales by streamlining checkout processes and providing real-time insights into customer purchasing habits. By reducing delays at checkout, customers have more time to shop and are more likely to make additional purchases. Additionally, POS systems can provide retailers with detailed sales data, allowing them to better understand customer preferences and develop targeted promotions to encourage more sales.

COCO Store, Asia Pacific

COCO Store Logo

As a retail organisation disruption was our biggest fear. Hence we evaluated three solutions before taking a decision to migrate to iVend Retail. Our implementation partner Vanguard Myanmar and iVend Retail helped us upgrade smoothly to the new system. We are able to see considerable improvement on our customer service, inventory visibility and customer satisfaction.

– Kyaw zin htay, IT Department, COCO Store

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