Hospitality POS System

Fast and reliable Hospitality Point-of-Sale (POS) tailored to the specific needs of the industry

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Optimise Your Food & Beverage Operations with Point of Sale Hospitality

iVend Hospitality provides a flexible and easy-to-use hospitality point-of-sale solution to manage front-of-house operations, including split and partial bills, table management, servers, reservations and orders. Efficiently communicate with the kitchen to ensure correct and speedy customer order preparation. iVend Hospitality includes many advanced features such as Kitchen Order Tickets (KOT), KDS system integration, recipe and meal plan management.

iVend Hospitality is a fully integrated, restaurant management solution with a multilingual POS system designed to cater to the unique requirements of restaurants, bars, nightclubs and cafes of all sizes. The solution will improve your guest’s appreciation and loyalty, reduce order and checkout times, create menu flexibility, decrease operational costs and allow you to focus on crafting a more unique dining experience.

Hospitality POS Designed For Restaurants Like Yours

Retail technologyAre you ready to simplify your hospitality point-of-sale operations and delight your customers?

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Why iVend Point of Sale System Hospitality

  • Deliver Memorable Dining Experiences

    As a result of COVID-19, customer expectations are at an all-time high, but consumer behaviour is changing as well. And this can have a significant impact on which businesses thrive. Operators require dependable solutions that assist them in customer engagement, such as maintaining the safety and quality of food, service, and atmosphere while also directly responding to customer concerns in real time.

  • Streamline Kitchen Communication

    Give your staff complete insight of the preparation timeline thanks to real-time order tracking. Send orders straight to the kitchen display system (KDS) to improve communication between the front and back of the house. From the point of sale (POS) to the kitchen display system (KDS), two-way communication between kitchen and front of house alerts kitchen employees when orders come in and updates front of house personnel when orders are ready.

  • Centralise Menu Planning

    Plan menus based on historic sales and reduce waste with accurate inventory practices. With a hospitality point-of-sale, you can add and manage recipes from head office, assign preparation times and ingredients. Control costs by using the system to calculate the quantity of ingredients needed and offer customers the option to customise food orders.

  • Reservation Management

    Table status allows waiters to examine the current table occupancy chart in visual for quick seating arrangements enabling seat and table optimisation. Easily manage reservations and schedule future parties based on time blocks booked, connect with customers on the waiting list via SMS or email, and send reservation notifications to customers with an easy to use hospitality point-of-sale.

  • Set Pricing & Promotions

    Customise promotions and pricing based on location, time or customer loyalty level and send pricing changes to all Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals at the same time. Set offers and promotions centrally at head office and roll out across selected or all locations. Get the ability to set a variety of promotions and offers, such as BOGO and category discounts.

  • Make Smarter Business Decisions

    Your menu is the last thing a customer sees before making a purchase. It should not be thrown together hastily. With analytics reporting that provides accurate inventory and purchasing data, restaurant owners can gain better insights from their entire enterprise and benchmark across all locations, giving them more control over their food and beverage costs.

Powerful Technology for Hospitality Management

  • Guest Management
  • Diner Experience

  • Efficient Kitchen Management

  • Reservations

  • Diner Loyalty

  • Flexible Payment Options

  • Centrally Control Menu

  • Table Management

  • Scalable POS

  • Order Management

  • Business Insights

  • ERP Integration



We needed a system that was flexible, that would allow us to grow the business as well. With iVend Retail we’ve put in various elements, like a back office system, a hospitality system and reporting & analytics system. The solution has given us some really good dashboards giving real time insight to the retail manager. It has given us the opportunity to use self-checkout to help customers.

– Mark Elliot, IT Manager, Pioneer Foods

Customisable POS User Interface
Customisable POS User Interface
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Add Modifiers to Guest Orders
Add Modifiers to Guest Orders
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Managing Guest Reservations
Managing Guest Reservations
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Kitchen Memo for Order
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Dine-in view
Dine-in view
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