How It Works


Monitor sales activity throughout the day using graphical reports by store, vendor, employee and even hour of day for key metrics such as total sales, average sales and margin

Analyze sales data to measure the effectiveness of pricing campaigns and to guide purchasing

Built in statistics and KPIs available for inventory items and customers viewable directly from within Retail Pro or through prebuilt reports

  • Item-level statistics including Sell Thru Percent, Stock to Sales Ratio, Turn, Days of Supply, and Gross Margin Return on Investment (GMROI), help you better understand what’s happening in your business and make more profitable decisions
  • Customer-level statistics including Total Visits, Average Sales Amount, Average Unit Items Sold, and Average Margin $ help you better understand your customer’s purchasing behavior. You can use them to develop more targeted marketing campaigns and provide better customer service

Designate role-based access levels to each report to ensure sensitive information is protected and reports are distributed safely and securely

Schedule reports to run automatically

Export reports to Excel, Notepad, PDF, HTML or Crystal Reports for further manipulation

For more sophisticated reporting needs, any ODBC-compliant reports writer (like Crystal Reports) can be used to create custom reports for Retail Pro

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