No I am not talking about jumping the queue to grab that last minute Christmas present but how retailers can keep the sales flowing through the checkout this Christmas.

Nobody loves queueing up to pay for their goods and when it comes to the busiest trading period of the year, in Christmas, retailers need to be armed with the right technology to meet customer expectations and maximise sales.

That technology comes in the form of your POS solution and mobile technology.

It goes without saying that a POS solution must allow for fast sales processing. If you experience heavy sales transactions, then even the slightest processing delay can quickly lead to a growing sales queue.

Every component of your POS solution from credit card processing terminal to receipt printer needs to work at a fast pace to minimise any delays.

Having the ability to implement additional sales processing terminals over the busy trading period will help reduce sales processing queues. Solutions such as iVend from CitiXsys will easily allow additional terminals to be added that can tap into the existing central database in the space of minutes.

An even easier way to reduce your sales processing queues and utilise readily available technology is through the use of mobile POS solution.

Mobile computing solutions are redefining the way in which sales can be processed and are an excellent way to reduce queues.

mobile POS solution allows staff to process sale from anywhere in the store. With this power the concept of a queue is now busted.

For example, if there is an area of your store that is experiencing high traffic, staff can be located in that area to process sales, right from the shop floor. Day by day, minute by minute, staff can respond quickly to the changing needs.

The mobile POS solution from CitiXsys allows any Android or iOS device to be used as a powerful POS device making such a solution very accessible to staff and a low cost way of increasing your POS capabilities.

A mobile POS solution must integrate seamlessly into the store POS solution to ensure the integrity of key data remains.

So when you are faced with the challenge of keeping the till ringing this Christmas consider your POS technology to keep the customers flowing through your store.

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