When sales associates aren’t tied to the cash register, they are free to deliver the personalised in-store shopping experiences that customers expect. And expectations are growing. Our 2019 shopper report shows that more than 84 per cent of shoppers look for a sales associate with mobile technology to help them, up from 53 per cent in 2018.

Customers who choose to shop in a store expect service that’s a cut above an online shopping experience. A sales associate with Mobile POS (mPOS) technology can stay close to the customer throughout their shopping journey to be an effective personal assistant and guide.

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What is Mobile POS?

mobile point of sale is a system in which POS software is installed on a handheld, mobile device, such as an iPad or Android tablet or smartphone. The device functions as a mobile cash register and terminal to process sales transactions.  Equipped with wireless mobile point of sale devices, employees are able to checkout customers or access inventory information from anywhere within the store.

Business Benefits of Mobile Technology in Retail

Getting sales associates away from the cash register and in front of the customer is one of the many benefits of mobile technology in retail. Here are nine more compelling benefits to mPOS.

  • Develops store associates into more efficient employees

    Eliminate paper from the inventory count process forever. Mobile devices include a barcode scanner for quick and accurate counts, which can update your inventory management system in real time.

  • Allows for a geographical increase in your sales footprint.

    Mobile technology in retail allows you to do business almost anywhere. Sidewalk sales, tent sales, trunk shows, pop up stores, and special events are easy to organise and run with mPOS.

  • Avoids lost sales by decrease line wait times.

    Nobody wants to wait. Eighty-three per cent of customers want a quick and easy checkout experience. When the store gets busy, easily expand checkouts to manage long lines and preserve sales that might otherwise be lost due to long waits.

  • Accepts modern payment types your customers want to use.

    Shoppers want flexibility in payment methods. Mobile technology in retail supports traditional transactions in cash, with credit or debit cards, store credit, gift cards, coupons, digital offers, and loyalty points. NFC-enabled mPOS devices also allow customers to use smartphones to pay for purchases, supporting mobile wallets like Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay.

  • Turns cashiers into sales generators

    Customers like and expect personalised service. Mobile technology in retail frees your sales associates from the cash wrap to assist customers in the aisle to complete sales at the point of decision, increasing conversions.

    mPOS turns sales associates into product experts who can offer shoppers personalised guidance on products, availability, and delivery methods. Your associates can look up past purchase data, online browsing history, loyalty rewards totals, and other data to engage the customer with relevant up-sell or cross-sell suggestions.

  • Accelerates return and exchange processes.

    Returns and exchanges can slow you down. Mobile technology in retail helps returns and exchanges flow faster by allowing retailers to quickly scale up throughput to avoid backs-ups at the sales registers.

  • Acts as a tool for enhanced customer service.

    Customers look for sales associates with mobile devices. Our shopper report shows that 47 per cent of customers ask store associates who are carrying mobile devices to look up product availability at other locations. Twenty-seven per cent appreciate it when associates with mobile devices make product suggestions based on past purchases.

  • Becomes a data repository to fuel marketing

    mPOS gives retailers more data for more effective marketing. Associates can ask for and capture shoppers’ email addresses for email marketing campaigns. And they can collect other customer details before, during, or after the sale from anywhere in the store.

  • Opens expansion possibilities for your organisation.

    Mobile technology in retail makes expansion easier because scaling up is simple. Every mobile device is a potential checkout station. And as you add stores, lower-priced mPOS devices allow you to expand faster with little to no investment in new IT infrastructure.

Give Your Store an Edge with Mobility

Mobile technology in retail is a game-changer for modern retailing because it enables retailers to deliver a memorable shopping experience that builds brand loyalty. mPOS improves sales conversations to boost sales, and during off-peak hours, associates can use their mobile devices to count inventory, improving productivity along with the quality of your inventory data.

Retailers that shift to meet rising customer expectations can sell more, earn more, and build personal relationships with an integrated omnichannel strategy that includes mobility.

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