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Mobile point of sale (POS) software gives merchants POS functionality on iOS or Android devices. With mobile POS, you have the option to use tablets or other mobile devices in addition to traditional, terminal POS, to engineer efficient workflows and exceptional customer experiences. Moreover, for small format chains, mobile POS may be a practical cost-effective alternative to terminal POS. Mobile POS can equip you with all POS functionality you need, including checkout and payment, and leading mobile POS software also enables integration with your loyalty program, reporting and analytics, inventory management, CRM, and eCommerce platforms.

iVend POS software on tablet and mobile phone devices.
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Using mobile POS on the sales floor.

The Importance of Mobile POS Software

Mobile POS gives merchants the agility to craft new types of customer experiences that can help win loyalty and increase conversions. With mobile POS, there is no need for sales associates to engage with customers only from behind a checkout counter. Mobile POS frees them to assist customers in the aisles, provide the answers to their questions at the point of decision, and even complete transactions so customers don’t have to wait in a line to make purchases.

Mobile POS is also easily scalable. As your business grows, you can simply add new mobile devices and new users to your POS software account in the cloud, and, almost instantly, you have a new checkout station, an additional return counter for the holiday season, an easy POS solution for your pop-up shop, or POS functionality outside at a sidewalk sale or at a community event.

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Put Customer Information at Your Sales Associates’ Fingertips

Your sales associates will be much more effective at their jobs if they have information about customers and personalize service. With mobile POS, your employees can access data about past purchases, loyalty rewards program activity, online browsing histories, and even the items in online shopping carts, to help direct customers to the merchandise that they would find most enticing. Sales associates can also reference purchase history to make sure the customer is stocked up on the consumable items they need, to keep them informed of new items in a brand’s line, or to make relevant upsell or cross-sell suggestions.

Sales associate using mobile POS.
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ERP and mobile POS integration

Mobile POS integration with Other Business Systems is Key

Just how valuable mobile POS will be to your sales associates – and to your business – will depend on the data your employees can access with it. It’s a smart strategy to base retail technology on a digital platform to ensure all systems — including mobile POS, terminal POS, eCommerce, loyalty, digital passes, and reporting – share data and communicate with one another. It is also vital that your POS technology integrates with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, for seamless communication with inventory management and other back-office functions.

Benefits of ERP and POS Software Integration


Integration allows visibility across your entire operations without having to aggregate information from separate store locations.

Single Stock Pool

All your inventory, across locations and sales channels is pooled together in one so you always have accurate inventory counts.

Updates to Inventory in Real Time

Forget syncing your data. With an integrated system your inventory levels are always up to date.

Elimination of Redundant Processes

Your most important sales and inventory data automatically populates both your ERP and POS when have an integrated solution.

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Use Mobile POS to Save the Sale

When customers can’t find the items they want, find apparel in the right sizes or colors, or find particular models, mobile POS equips sales associates with the tools they need to save the sale. By accessing real-time inventory information on a tablet or other mobile device, your sales associate doesn’t have to leave the customer’s side to check a stock room or to find a free POS terminal to check item availability — your sales associate can locate the item the customer wants in your inventory from a mobile device.

If you manage inventory with a single stock pool, your sales associate can check information from all locations and channels to locate an item and have it shipped directly to the customer or to the store for pickup. Furthermore, mobile POS gives sales associates the ability to locate and order items quickly – faster than a customer could find the item by searching competitor sites on a smartphone and making a purchase elsewhere.

Mobile POS and inventory management

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Using mobile POS to improve operational efficiency.

Greater Efficiency with Mobile POS

Mobile POS is also a valuable tool for increasing operational efficiencies. With mobile devices equipped with barcode scanners and integration with your inventory management system, receiving, inventory counts, and the returns process are streamlined, minimizing labor costs.

Mobile POS can also give you the freedom to use retail space more efficiently. You can reimagine your store layout, minimizing the number of cash wraps, putting floor space to better use with additional displays, and optimizing traffic patterns through the store.

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Closing the In-Store Disconnect with Mobile POS

Omnichannel retailers often find it difficult to equal online customer experiences in-store. On an eCommerce website, shoppers are greeted by name, they receive relevant offers and purchasing suggestions based on their shopping and browsing histories, and their loyalty rewards information and stored payment information is readily accessible. In a brick and mortar store, on the other hand, a customer can be virtually anonymous and receive no personalized service.

Mobile POS is an effective solution for closing the channel gap. Sales associates can identify shoppers by associating them with payment data, their loyalty rewards information, or other means, and access information about them that allows them to offer a more “online” customer experience in a physical store. Using mobile POS, sales associates can also collect information from shoppers in a brick and mortar store, which can help retailers create a 360-degree view of shoppers’ activities on all channels.

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Global Shopper Trends Report

Around the Globe Shoppers Want Convenience and Personalisation

We surveyed over 2,000 shoppers around the globe from Dubai to Los Angeles and put game changing insights into one comprehensive report for you. Our global shopper survey revealed shoppers are open to receiving service from sales associates with tablets or other mobile POS devices, citing reasons including greater convenience and time savings.

Build a Connected Retail Ecosystem

Our guide explains how mobile POS can be your key to bridging the omnichannel gap that exists between digital channels and physical stores.

Accept the Full Range of Payment Options

You don’t have to sacrifice a full slate of payment options to have mobility. Leading mobile POS software will give you the ability to accept the full spectrum of payment types. In addition to cash, check, debit card and credit card payments, your mobile POS software running on a full-featured mobile device will enable your business to accept gift cards, near field communication (NFC) mobile wallet payments such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay. Your sales associates can even scan coupons or QR codes from digital passes you push to your customers’ smartphones.

Your mobile POS software will also provide you with a means to print receipts from mobile devices, as well as orders or labels for Click and Collect/ Buy Online Pickup In Store (BOPIS) orders, gift receipts, return receipts, or other forms or documents that support engaging customer interactions or greater efficiencies.

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