The number of retailers implementing mobile point of sale (mPOS) has dramatically increased over the past decade. In fact, a Global Market Insights research report predicts the global mobile POS market will grow at a CAGR of 18% from 2018 to 2024.


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When we talk to business owners, though, it seems they haven’t quite figured out yet all of the value their new mobile POS technology can provide. Mobile POS is a great solution if your store lacks counter space and if you want the ability to quickly spin up an extra check out or returns aisle. But mobile POS gives you the ability to do so much more.

Here are the top six most used mPOS features and how smart retailers take advantage of them:

  1. Mobility
    It may seem obvious that mobile POS gives you POS mobility. But have you fully explored what that can mean to your business? Sales associates no longer have to stand behind the cash wrap. They can carry a tablet or mobile device as they assist customers in the aisles and complete sales right at the point of decision, increasing conversions. It also frees you to manage sidewalk sales, tent sales, or trunk show and to easily have POS functionality at a pop-up shop or at booth at a community event. It gives you the power to expand your strategy to do business almost anywhere.
  2. Queue Busting
    No one likes to wait, and queueing up is beginning to feel like an outdated practice. Why should customers in a brick-and-mortar store or restaurant have to queue up when consumers never have to do it online? With mobile POS, sales associates or cashiers can move from behind the counter to assist customers in a timelier manner.
  3. Inventory Lookup
    Beyond checkout functionality, mobile POS also gives your employees easy access to information as they assist customers. A sales associate won’t have to leave the customer’s side to check inventory in the stock room. The answer is available with just a few taps on a tablet’s touchscreen. Moreover, if the item isn’t in stock at the store, the sales associate can locate it and have it shipped to the store or directly to the customer, saving the sale.
  4. Access to Customer Data
    Your customers appreciate (and expect) personalized service. With mobile POS, your staff can look up a customer’s past purchases, online browsing history, loyalty rewards totals and other data that can help engage the customer and make relevant — and effective — upsell or cross-sell offers. Couldn’t your staff improve performance if they had insights into customers’ favorite brands? Mobile POS can connect them with the information they need to increase sales.
  5. Alternative Payments
    Mobile POS makes transactions easy by accepting any type of payment. Mobile POS devices can connect to mobile printers and cash drawers, include payment card readers, and accept contactless and mobile wallet payments including Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay so consumers can use smartphones to pay for goods and services.
  6. Inventory Counts
    You can forever eliminate paper from the process of taking an inventory count. Mobile POS equipped with a barcode scanner can make quick work of taking an accurate count. And the data is automatically populated into your inventory management system, providing a true, real-time count with no delays waiting for data entry or syncing.

How Will You Use Mobile POS?

Although mobile POS has been a mainstay of many retail businesses for some time now, the industry still seems to be exploring its potential. We’ve seen retailers improve efficiency, productivity, and customer experiences by adding mobile POS to their strategies.

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