iVend Retail Global Path to Purchase Survey Compares Shoppers Around the World and the Motivation Behind their Behaviors

New York (February 14, 2018) — As more retailers expand into global markets, iVend Retail by CitiXsys went on a worldwide search for answers about consumer behavior in its Global Path to Purchase Survey. Our survey confirmed that incorporating digital touchpoints into the modern path to purchase is truly a global phenomenon.

Of the 2,250 consumers surveyed, 91.4% say they research products online before going to a physical store to make a purchase and 83.8% have browsed in-store before making a purchase online.

In addition, 71.6% of consumers shop on their smartphones when they are at home, traveling, or during free time, and 60.1% use smartphones in-store to help them make purchasing decisions — with most doing so to research price. About half of global consumers use Click & Collect/Buy Online Pickup In Store to make purchases.

iVend Retail also dug deeper and asked consumers their motivations behind their behaviors, comparing consumers region to region and uncovering unique traits within countries. For example, Mexican consumers are most likely to be motivated to join a loyalty program for a sense of community, UAE and South African shoppers are most likely to use in-store kiosks to find information, and Canadian consumers are most likely to abandon an item in an online shopping cart because they were only using it as a “wish list.”

“This year’s survey report is filled with insights that can help global retailers — or retailers expanding into the global market — better understand their customers and how they prefer to shop,” said Kamal Kamakar, CEO of CitiXsys. “It also underscores the importance of adapting your business processes to provide the types of customer experiences consumers are looking for in various regions in which you do business.”

Key survey findings among global consumers include: 

  • 3% will leave a store emptyhanded if lines are too long.
  • The top reason (34.5%) for online shopping cart abandonment is: “I only use it as a wish list.”
  • 6% click on retargeting ads.
  • 2% have responded to an ad made through social media.

The 2018 Global Path to Purchase Survey is iVend Retail’s third annual study on changing consumer behaviors and preferences. This year’s survey was conducted online in partnership with AYTM, from December 18-21 2017, polling 2,250 respondents around the world in Australia, Canada, Germany Mexico, Philippines, South Africa, United Arab Emirates (UAE), United Kingdom (UK), and United States of America (USA). Survey respondents included both males and females, ages 18+.

Download your free copy of the survey report at https://ivend.com/annual-shopper-survey-report-2018/.

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