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iVend Retail and SAP IS-Retail

With SAP IS-Retail and iVend Retail, retailers and restaurant owner can come to decisions based on real-time data, and act on it within a single integrated system.

iVend Retail integrates with SAP IS-Retail (an Industry specific solution for Retail) to help retailers grow their customer base and increase profits by moving to a single, real-time platform. Gain insights into customer behavior; anticipate demand; manage inventory; and deliver personalised, omnichannel offers and services – wherever your customers choose to engage.

SAP IS-Retail

Why SAP IS-Retail with iVend Retail?

Most retailers and restaurant owners today require an integrated solution that provides a single view of their entire operations, right from merchandise on to customer loyalty to help them better predict, anticipate, and deliver engaging customer experiences.

The Omnichannel Advantage of iVend Retail for SAP IS-Retail

iVend Retail integrates with SAP IS-Retail ERP to leverage processes in IS-Retail for Head Office and extend them via iVend Retail across the full store or restaurant environment.

SAP and iVend Retail help retailers and restaurateurs provide consumers with personalised shopping and dining experiences, when and where they want them with a highly customizable solution that suits varied requirements for global retail and food and beverage companies.

Business owner using SAP IS-Retail and iVend POS

  • Custom Click Checkout – Select multiple or single click for fast transactions
  • Synchronised Supply/Demand Planning – Reduce inventory holdings while eliminating stock-outs
  • Dynamic Planning – Satisfy changing customer demand and buying preferences
  • Integrated Merchandise Management – Optimise product mix with detailed sales reporting
  • Profitability Maximisation – Determine the right pricing and promotions
  • More Profitable Sales – Increase conversion rates across channels

iVend Retail & SAP IS-Retail Integration

iVend Retail is configured with SAP IS-Retail ERP at the central location – typically the Head Office. The entire operation is connected to iVend Enterprise – the central Head Office component of iVend Retail. Stores or restaurant locations connect to iVend Enterprise over an Internet connection, and is designed so that even if the Internet connectivity between the location and the Head Office is lost, stores and restaurants can carry on operations without pause due to the selective replication of data across all locations, which is carried out by iVend Enterprise

Optimise Your Business with iVend Retail and SAP IS Retail

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