Components of a Healthy Retail Ecosystem

iVend Retail conducted a survey to over 2700 shoppers worldwide in an effort to understand exactly where retailers should focus their efforts to create a thriving retail business.

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Healthy Retail Ecosystem


Point of Sale

The point of sale is the oxygen in your retail ecosystem, giving life to your omnichannel strategy.



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Mobile Point of Sale

Make mobile POS an intrinsic function of your retail ecosystem to enhance the customer experience.



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Digital Passes

Digital passes provide the connection between customers and your retail ecosystem.

How Likely Consumers Are to Make Purchase When they Receive Digital Passes When In-Store or Nearby



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iVend Loyalty

Loyalty and rewards are an important component of a thriving retail ecosystem.

Our survey also found that the majority of global consumers prefer to manage their loyalty programs themselves:



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Using iVend Retail Solutions Contributes to the Overall Retail Health of Your Ecosystem.


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