Enterprise Class applications are designed and managed at a very different scale of operation. The challenges associated with managing a large retail operation also are at a very different scale than the not-so-large retail operations.

iVend Retail, an Enterprise Class Retail suite is designed keeping in mind such challenges. One such operational challenge is to ensure that all registers / tills across the entire retail operations are always updated and running the same version of the software.

iVend Retail Management suite has the ability to automatically apply updates and upgrades to all the registers of the stores over the air in one go. The updates and upgrades are applied to the retail environment in a top-down approach. The administrator at the head office gets the intimation that there are some updates and upgrades available. Once the administrator agrees to ‘apply’ the updates/upgrades all the systems in the environment get updated as and when the store manager processes the End Of Day process for each register in his store.

Not only the updates and upgrades, iVend Retail can also push additional features over the air to the retailers.

With iVend Retail gone are the days when it was expected of the system administrator to reach out to individual registers and update them one at a time. Many a times, such an approach would lead to registers running a dated version of the application because it used to take so much time to reach out to all the registers – spread across locations and geographies.

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