How COVID-19 has affected retail globally

Your retail technology powers the everyday performance of your business; however, the way business has and will be been done is rapidly changing. Prepare now for whatever comes next with cloud-based retail management software designed for maximum agility and responsiveness to the needs of your customers.

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“56% of retailers consider cloud to be a strategic differentiator.” – Everest Group, Cloud & Infrastructure Services (CIS) Market Report, 2019

As a retailer, what can you gain from modernising your retail management software? The short answer is, technology will play an essential role in how this pandemic has and will play out, and who wins and who loses in the ‘New Normal’.

The pandemic has caused a shift in consumer trends – from the move to digital commerce, to increased measures for safety and security, and it has accelerated the demand for omnichannel operations and the agility delivered by cloud solutions.

To bridge the gap between where your retail management system is today and where your customers are headed in the future, we share our approach to how and why retailers are revising their business plans and adapting their operational models to accommodate new consumer preferences, and to ensure employee safety and organisational health.

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  • Changing consumer preferences
  • Features of a modern retail management solution
  • The business impact retailers see in implementing Cloud

Get the infographic How COVID-19 has affected retail globally to learn more about how cloud-based technology will aid in retail recovery and help retailers build operational resilience.

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