04 December 2015 – Watlington, Oxfordshire, UK – Ireland’s oldest independent music store and record label, All City Records, has streamlined management of stock across its sales channels and enabled a more personalised customer experience thanks to a multichannel retail solution from IT services provider, TRC Solutions and integrated retail system provider, iVend Retail (part of CitiXsys worldwide).

The solution provided All City with a real-time, single view of stock, enabling it to more efficiently manage inventory across its online operation and bricks-and-mortar store.  For a business with a large portfolio of products that are sold both to trade customers and direct to consumers, each product has a different price point for each audience.  The retail solution afforded All City a centralised visibility so they could immediately see available stock and associated pricing in each channel.

What’s more, with predictive ordering analytics issuing automated warnings when stock levels become low, the solution streamlined the process for reordering stock to save time consuming stock checks and ensure product availability for shoppers.

With a diverse customer base, All City wanted to better target the demands of its target audiences with a more personalised approach. The eCommerce module from iVend allowed the music store to present a wider array of products on its website, which recognised the individual requirements of each shopper segment.

Olan O’Brien, Head of All City Records commented: “The iVend solution that TRC recommended has delivered on all it promised and more. We struggled operating our business efficiently with the rigid, static solutions we had. With the iVend POS and eCommerce solution and the constant updates that are rolled out we now have a modern and dynamic solution that can grow with our business allowing us to be more progressive and forward thinking.”

Richard Kolodynski, Senior Vice President European Operations at iVend Retail (part of CitiXsys), added: “Today’s digitally enabled consumers don’t differentiate between sales channels; they simply shop using the medium that’s most convenient at the time, be it online or in-store.  This makes a seamless customer journey all the more important.  To realise this, retailers must ensure visibility between them – which is exactly what we have worked with All City to achieve.”

All City Records is now looking to further integrate its offer, rolling out a credit card system with the iVend multichannel point of sale solution, to offer secure and flexible payments.

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iVend delivers integrated, omnichannel retail management solutions for the way retailers work today, implementing technology that is built to enable change, not just built to last.

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Part of CitiXsys worldwide, iVend stands for innovation in retail technology and leadership in Cloud management and mobile retail. In addition to providing traditional fixed till and back office server solutions as required, we are experts in developing solutions for complex retail – multi-format, multi-location, multi-channel and multi-sector retailers.

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