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What do you know about iVend Retail

Learn more about our retail management suite that creates an omnichannel ecosystem and delivers a harmonised retail experience for customers.

What if your retail clients could flawlessly integrate their POS and ERP systems to share data and discover deep, actionable insights into operations and inventory that they didn’t think were possible without a small army of IT experts? And, what if you could build your business helping them do that?

iVend Retail is flexible enough to meet the needs of any retailer, helps retailers take the friction out of mining the valuable data they need, and gives partners with a new way to grow their business.

Seamless integration, continuous innovation, and superior resources are among the top 10 compelling reasons to partner with iVend Retail.

  • Diversify your product portfolio to reach more customers

    Retailers are clamouring for capability. When you partner with iVend Retail, you add a powerful technology to your arsenal of solutions, one that delivers real value, flexibility, and simplicity.

  • Offer an omnichannel retail solution that integrates with any ERP

    It’s easy to give your clients an end-to-end solution because iVend Retail integrates with any ERP, accounting system or other software platform. iVend Retail is Microsoft and Sage certified, and integrates with every other ERP platform through open APIs.

  • Count on continuous innovation and product development

    Technology can be a competitive advantage. Or it can hold you back. We focus on product research and development so that your clients always have the most advanced POS system. We invest heavily in innovation to keep up with industry trends.

  • Work with any retailer, regardless of size

    When you partner with iVend Retail, you get a solution that scales from one store to hundreds of stores across multiple geographies, continents, and currencies.

  • Leverage sales boosting marketing assets and MDF

    We are your biggest fans and we want you to succeed. We do that with marketing campaigns that drive leads. From planning to execution, we’re here to support you. Marketing support includes access to leads, website resources like landing pages, packaged campaigns, product collateral, and Marketing Development Funds.

  • Access a global network of product support and IT services

    We’ve built a support services network to match our global reach. When you partner with iVend Retail, you get full 24/7 Level 3 support. Partners provide Level 1 and Level 2 support to provide you with a way to increase margin with annual maintenance contracts.

  • Extensive training and certification resources

    An industry-leading solution requires industry-leading training, which is available online or in-person with our global team of retail specialists. Our knowledge portal and documentation are also available online. You can show off your expertise with our certification program. More certifications lead to bigger discounts for partners.

  • Feel confident knowing clients will realize a measurable ROI

    Your clients want ROI, and you can partner with iVend with confidence to help deliver it. By tracking customer ROI, we have compiled these tangible results from iVend implementation:

    • 5% sales increase utilising BOPIS/click and collect
    • 4% of sales savings in inventory carrying costs
    • 10% sales uplift from mPOS assisted selling
    • 10% sales uplift from use of loyalty or CRM data
  • Choose the partner level that suits your business

    You can partner with iVend as a Channel Partner or Alliance Partner. Our channel partners service more than 20,000 retails stores in more than 46 countries. Our channel partner program includes Value Added Resellers (VARs) and Developer VARs at four levels. As an Alliance Partner, you can build on and integrate with iVend Retail’s agnostic, open API, extensible technologies, including hardware, payment processing, marketing, security, operations, CRM, and ERP solutions that enrich the iVend Retail ecosystem.

  • Take advantage of opportunities to increase sales and revenue

    The iVend Retail partner program is designed to help you grow your business. Partner with iVend Retail to make more money with opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell our full suite of products.

Future Proof Your Business

Future-proof your business by utilising Cloud technology.
Contact us to discuss moving your retail stores on Cloud today to build resilient retail operations for tomorrow.

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