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Check out the latest certification content and make sure yours is up to date, as valid certification is required for maintaining current margin levels and partner level which enables you to secure and keep your current level of  discount. In addition to maintaining valid certifications, staying current with your knowledge of CitiXsys’ growing solution portfolio enables you to provide your retail clients with successful implementations and build business relationships over time. You can access our web-based, self paced learning curriculum which will not only help you understand the application, but will also get you certified for Pre-Sales, Sales, Implementation, support and if relevant, Development.


iVend Retail – Sales Certification

Effective positioning of products and ensuring that customer’s expectations are met appropriately is the sole objective of a Sales certification. This certification will ensure that your company can confidently position and sell iVend Retail. The certification also aims to ensure that you understand the interdependencies of the application and how each module complements the others in the entire suite. Licensing policies notwithstanding, this certification process will enable you to better understand and appreciate the differentiating features of iVend Retail.

A 60 minute evaluation process is spread over 50 key questions, 40 on the sales role specifically with a small number of 10 pre-sales type questions.

Sales Sales Training


iVend Retail – Pre-sales Certification

Pre-sales personnel are expected to understand a client’s business needs and then design a set of software scenarios to demonstrate clearly that the software solutions will meet those requirements. They will be expected to answer questions that range from the functional through to the technical and be able to demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of the software suite. In this way, the aim is that the pre-sales consultant will be able to answer any question a prospective client may wish to raise about the software. They are expected to explore scenarios and be ready to position the strengths of the solution in comparison to competing products. They need to ensure they understand what the software can do in detail and for what reason, to not only match the prospective client’s current needs, but their ultimate goals as well. Pre-sales consultants are known as ‘sales support’ and need to be ready to advise where required. They will manage much of the implementation and be a key resource for any follow-up.

A 60 minute evaluation process is spread over 42 questions with topics covering Terminal and Mobile POS, Loyalty, and Passes.

Sales Pre-Sales Training


iVend Retail – Implementation Phase I Certification

The real success of a sale depends on how quickly and to what level of effectiveness the customer will be able to use the application set in order to further improve their business processes. This certification which should follow immediately after a comprehensive implementation training program, aims to ensure that you have understood the intricacies of the iVend Retail application set, including the best business practices of implementing the full suite of solutions. This intermediate level examination will test for your knowledge on differing business scenarios.

A 60 minute evaluation process is spread over 42 questions with topics covering Administration, Financials, Inventory, daily operations, Terminal and Mobile POS, Loyalty and Passes.

Sales Implementation Training


iVend Retail – Implementation Phase II Certification

The factors that contribute to a successful implementation are not just limited to good working knowledge of a software product, but also involve having analytical skills developed from a strong foundation of business experience. A sign of a superior implementation consultant is that they can show they have the skills to assess the requirements of a customer and deliver successful solutions for their business.

This certification takes the form of a prospective client’s Request for Information (RFI) – the customer in this review is ACME Retail.

ACME has presented to you their specification of requirements for the purpose of collecting written information about the capabilities of iVend Retail which they wish to ensure will meet the needs of their retail business.

This is a 120 minute detailed evaluation that comprises of 80 questions, which cover the categories of Administration, Sales, Inventory, Financials and Reporting.

Sales Implementation Training


iVend Retail – Support Technician Certification

This certification verifies that professionals in the role of an iVend Retail Support Technician possess the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver successfully on services and processes to meet CitiXsys’ requirements for Level 1 and 2 Support. The certification exam tests for experience and expertise at the technical and functional levels of iVend Retail. The exam is designed to confirm that an individual has the ability to provide support in our solutions to best practice standards and to the highest quality of service.

The 90 minute evaluation process consists of 50 questions.

SalesSupport Training

Developer Certiication

iVend Retail – Developer Certification

The iVend Retail Developer certification exam, a requirement for a Platinum Partner, is our advanced technical exam which is intended to qualify a technician to demonstrate that they possess the necessary skills as an iVend Retail Developer to provide services in Extensibility, Reporting, Dashboard Analytics and Receipt customisation. By passing this exam and earning the Developer Certification, you will show that you are proficient and skilled in the many tasks that a developer typically performs. You will become recognised for your skills, which in turn will allow you to promote your services as a fully qualified Development partner for iVend Retail. The certification tests individuals for their readiness to provide services over five main topics; iVend Extensibility, iVend APIs, Report Designer, Dashboard Designer and Receipt Designer.

The 90 minute evaluation process consists of 50 questions.


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