PT Putra Gemilang Prima


PT Putra Gemilang Prima

PT Putra Gemilang Prima follows the footprint of large retailers by adopting iVend Retail integrated with SAP Business One

Our system was primitive and could not accommodate our growth, a simple process such as report generation would consume enormous manual effort and had to be reprocessed again and again to derive metrics.

Mr. Arya Iwanputra, Owner

Headquarters: Indonesia
Industry: Building Material
Solution: iVend Retail, iVend Loyalty with SAP Business One
Business Partner: Soltius

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Only a few modern retail stores in Indonesia selling building materials place their customer’s comfort and shopping convenience as top priority. Our customer Gemilang group were always focused on creating great buying experiences and hence engage with customers. Gemilang group were innovators to bring the concept of convenience retailing among hardware vendors, and industry known for rugged retailing.

Established in 1975 in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, Gemilang’s outlets always stand out among competition with their customers speaking positive about them. Gemilang’s objective has been to make shopping convenient for customers. Each of their outlet is conceptualized with availability and access to an ATM center, minimarket, coffee shop and food stall and a kids play ground, so that children could engage in play activities while their parent’s shop.

Company’s vision is to be the top player in the retail building material industry in Indonesia, Gemilang planned to improve their operations and offer their customers and engaging shopping experience to promote repeat purchases. Company wanted a robust IT system that is intuitive and scalable to support company’s aggressive expansion plans.


Mr. Arya Iwanputra, owner of Putra Gemilang Prima, considers IT as the most crucial department in his enterprise. Gemilang group had aggressive expansion plans and wanted adequate inventory planning and resource optimization. To support their plans company needed a reliable and scalable IT system with automated business processes. Management at Gemilang wanted deeper strategic insights from their retail system for optimally managing inventory and purchase at their retail stores.However, Gemilang’s existing system was unable to deliver expected results to match with the company’s growth.

Meanwhile, the management team needed to build an IT infrastructure for fast growth and multichannel integration across all product lines. Company needed to anticipate customers’ buying habits, shopping preferences and needs, with inbuilt reporting based on their buying patterns and experience. In 2013 Putra Gemilang prima finally decided to adopt a new IT system to meet with their needs.


The iVend Retail Management Suite consists of a retail point of sale solutioniVend POS and other complementary applications such as iVend Loyalty, iVend eCommerce, iVend Mobile, iVend Passes and iVend Analytics making it the perfect fit for all kinds of retail organizations.

“But the most impressive feature for me is its functionality and the ease to use interface,” said Arya.

The application set has features that have helped our team streamline retail operations with in-depth reporting management features that Gemilang always needed.

The changes in operations and process efficiencies have been noticeable in last six months after implementing iVend Retail and iVend Loyalty with SAP Business One. Management at Gemilang have appreciated the way system has gelled in to their system lending efficiency to accounts and finance related tasks.

In the past extracting reports was difficult and labor intensive but now with iVend Retail and SAP Business One, the analyzed data appears instantly. For payments Gemilang was earlier using a separate module which was not integrated. Thus, a user had to earlier open two new windows to input data. “Now with iVend Retail it is more integrated, we have it all in one window,” said Arya.

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