When it comes to style, the right fit is everything. Order fulfillment presents unique challenges for fashion retailers, because, literally, one size doesn’t fit all. Clothing sizes — especially women’s clothing sizes — vary greatly over time and across the industry. As a fashion retailer trying to orchestrate exceptional customer experiences, this can throw up a big roadblock. It’s hard to make customers happy if the clothes they want don’t fit. But technology can help. Point of sale software designed for clothing stores gives you the tools you need to delight customers. Here are three ways:

  1. Complete Inventory Visibility. It’s impossible for every single retail location to stock every available option at all times. Point of sale software for clothing stores gives you the ability to manage and track inventory across your entire company. This can give your sales associates real-time information on whether desired items are in stock at another store or warehouse and enables them to arrange to get them into the customer’s hands.Moreover, if you have mobile POS, your sales associates will be able to find inventory availability information without ever leaving the customer’s side. Mobile POS also connects your sales associates to other information, such as sizing charts. There is no industry standard that dictates the body measurements a size “4” is constructed for. The fashion industry also may change sizes strategically; some designers, for example, are calling a size 18 of ten years ago a size 14 today to appeal to women’s vanity. Information available to sales associates through mobile POS can help shoppers find what they want, in the right size.
  2. Buy or Reserve Online, Pick Up In-Store Options. The ability to buy or reserve an item online and then pick it up at a brick-and-mortar store has become increasingly popular. Physical retail locations are finding that their customers demand the convenience of browsing online, but often want to complete purchases in brick-and-mortar stores so they can see, feel, and, in the case of clothing, try on the item to make sure it fits. Point of sale software for clothing stores that has inventory management and e-commerce integrations allows retailers to locate an item and make sure it is at the location where the shopper wants to collect it or arrange for it to be shipped there.
  3. Keep Track of Customer Preferences. Building and maintaining customer relationships is a key factor for any successful business, but particularly for retailers. Point of sale software for clothing stores that securely stores and manages customer data can be helpful to build relationships in a variety of ways, including helping customers find the sizes they need. Sales associates can see what customers purchased in the past, and help guide them in the right direction when they return, especially if sizes in a customer’s preferred line have changed. Customer history can also help sales associates with upselling or cross-selling and making sure customers are aware of promotions and offers that are relevant to them.

Point of sale software for clothing stores is designed to meet the unique needs of your business and to help you overcome challenges — such as making sure customers can find the right size. Combined with functionality that enables customers to reserve or buy online and pick up in the store and to track customer histories, this technology is the perfect fit.

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