We’ve all been there. You’re at the checkout ready to use your loyalty card to collect points for your purchase. You rummage through your purse or wallet and…you can’t find it!

As a shopper, keeping track of all those loyalty cards, coupons and gift cards from each store is a hassle. You lose the cards, or a coupon expires, or your points go unredeemed. Not only is it frustrated, but also a missed opportunity for the store.

When you give shoppers unique, personalized offers or make it convenient for them to collect and redeem points with their mobile device, they’ll keep coming back and spending their money. They’ll also feel like you, as the store, want and appreciate their business.

Too many stores aren’t taking advantage of the benefits of a rewards management program. Are you one of them? If you’ve considered investing in a loyalty program but aren’t sure whether its right for your business, there are certain things you need to look for.

Here Are The 10 Telltale Signs That A Loyalty Program Could Help Your Store:

  1. When A Shopper Walks Into Your Store, You Know Very Little About Their Past Purchase History Or What Products They Are Interested In
  2. Your Shoppers Seem To Be Using Your Store As A Showroom
  3. Your Shoppers Have A Hard Time Figuring Out How To Use Their Rewards Or, Just As Bad, They’re Not Using The Rewards You’re Offering Them
  4. By The Time A Shopper Walks Into Your Store, Most Of Their Shopping Is Already Done
  5. It’s The Shopper’s Birthday, And Your Store Didn’t Acknowledge It With Some Kind Of Special Perk
  6. Your Shopper’s Mindsets Have Changed, But Your Omnichannel Strategy Has Stayed The Same
  7. Your Shopper’s Online Experience Feels More Personal Than Your In-Store Experience
  8. A Lot Of Shoppers Seem To Walk Out Of Your Store Without Buying Anything
  9. There Is No Buzz On Social Media Channels About The Great Rewards Your Store Offers
  10. Your Store Sent A Customer A Special Offer On Diapers, And That Shopper Doesn’t Have Children

Of course, a loyalty program can’t make all of the scenarios above better by itself. But a well-designed, unique loyalty program that is part of a holistic omnichannel experience can make customers happier and make them feel valued. They’ll come back to your store again and again, and they’ll encourage their friends and family to join your rewards program too.

Most consumers don’t think in terms of channels, they just shop using the option that’s most convenient to them at the time – be it online, in-store or on their phone. Delivering a seamless experience is all the more important. And that goes for loyalty programs too. Give shoppers the option to earn and use rewards in the most convenient way to them. Instead of leaving the checkout frustrated it’s more likely they’ll walk out of your store with a smile on their face.

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