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Deliver Unified Commerce, Everywhere

Integrate your retail channels to achieve omnichannel. Unify the sales channels of your business —whether online, offline or on-the-go— to deliver an “Everywhere Commerce” experience wherein your customers can buy from and communicate with your brand, anytime and anywhere. Exceed expectations and delight shoppers by providing seamless customer experiences characterised by personalisation, convenience and ease.

Create those seamless omnichannel commerce experiences by streamlining customer, product and company data from all sales channels. From fashion to footwear, home goods to hardware, our flexible platform supports nearly every business size and retail vertical.

Consistent experience across all channels and touch points

Harmonise Your Retail Channels

…to draw out the true potential of your business.
It’s time for you – and your customers – to reap the benefits of omnichannel retailing.

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Our retail management platform is designed for total control of multi-subsidiary, multi-tax, & multi-currency operations. Access insightful business reporting that segments and compares data from store to store and region to region, all with the scalable tools to keep your sales channels delivering an exceptional customer experience.


Stay competitive and offer the same shopping experience your customers enjoy with large retail chains. Whether you’re managing 5 or 10 stores, iVend Retail provides a modular solution suite to help you grow your business and run your operations more efficiently – all from a single software platform.

food service

iVend Hospitality provides a flexible and easy-to-use POS system to manage front of house operations, including split and partial bills, table management, staff, reservations, and orders. Easily update pricing, promotions and menu items by the store, region or at a national level.

Optical Retail

iVend Optical gives the eyewear industry all the tools necessary to run both the retail and medical sides of operations with a point of sale. Improve everything from inventory management to patient communications and appointment management.


Must-Have Omnichannel Solutions
Achieve Your Everywhere Expansion Dreams

Big dreams? Get the tools you need to boldly go after them. iVend offers cutting-edge omnichannel retail software
to make your expansion dreams possible. Sneak a peek:

iVend POS

iVend’s e-commerce-integrated, All-in-One POS is at the heart of your enterprise. Manage inventory, customer profiles, promotions and more. All from one place.


Omnichannel includes the pop-up shop and the sales floor, too. With iVend mPOS, you can meet customers wherever they are so that they leave feeling amazed.


Serve your on-the-go (or on-the-couch) customers. With eCommerce Integration, you can sell all over the world. (Even while sleeping.)


iVend Loyalty

iVend Loyalty will help you better understand your customers. Glean insights from buying behavior, browsing history and detailed analytics. Slide into DMs with personalised messaging and incentives.


iVend Passes

Send coupons, gift cards, special offers and promotions straight-to-smartphone. It’s easier on the planet and easier for your tech-savvy customers. Millennials will think you’re “legit.”


iVend Reporting and Analytics

Enjoy a single source of analytical truth with enterprise-wide reporting and analytics.

  • Make better decisions.
  • Plan ahead with foresight and confidence.
  • Attract more customers and make more of them happy.
Omnichannel Brochure

Prepare Your Operations for Omnichannel

What’s Next for Retail: Navigating Your Business from Now Into the Future
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Seamless ERP Integration and Open APIs for Flexibility and Scale

Having the most advanced technology and running a multi-channel business is just the beginning. To truly do omnichannel well, you need all of those systems and technologies interconnected and sharing data. Integration gives you access to customer history, real-time sales revenue, and eliminates redundant data and processes – all of which, improve your bottom line.

iVend Retail’s suite of products is engineered with open APIs that allow you the ultimate in flexibility and unlimited scale. Additionally, we have created an omnichannel retailing software that outperforms the competition when it comes to ERP integrations. Whether you are running a Microsoft, Sage, SAP or another brand of ERP, our system will easily and effectively integrate.

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If You Want Integrated Omnichannel Retailing Choose iVend Retail

  • Accurate Centralised Data – In an AI world, data is everything. Our integrated solution brings all your disparate data together in real-time.
  • Connected Customer Experiences – Omnichannel is about connecting and offering enjoyable shopping experiences and so are our solutions.
  • Sales Driven Tools – You have one goal: sell more. Our products give your team the resources to do just that.
  • Integrated and Scalable Systems – Position your enterprise for maximum growth potential with a solution that offers you unlimited flexibility.
Integrated Omnichannel Retailing Choose iVend Retail

Out-of-the-box Integrations to Retail’s Best in Class

Capezio Case study

Capezio and iVend Retail

Read how this iconic dance apparel brand and manufacturer achieved omnichannel excellence by implementing iVend Retail
Read the Capezio Success Story

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