Do you know what a customer satisfaction FAIL sounds like?Tuba sound

No one wants that! If you want your customers to be excited and buzzing about your brand, you need a killer strategy aimed at making your store experience more personalized, and making them feel valued. acoustic

So, how do you get that strategy? The answer: think mobile. Let’s start with the facts.

It’s reported that over 45 percent of retailers are most likely to adopt mobile platforms to cater to rapidly changing customer expectations. Today, smart retailers are making the most of the technology at their disposal, and by doing that, they are extending brand and product information, ordering capabilities and payment options on mobile platforms to consumers. This keeps customers happy.

It’s no surprise that mobility has become one of the key tools for retailers to focus on when designing a better store experience. Smartphones and tablets in the hands of consumers, coupled with ever-improving digital shopping tools, are forcing retailers to adopt mobility and ultimately compete for customer’s attention when they are shopping in store.

So, what are consumers using mobile devices for? Placing an order, researching ratings and reviews, redeeming coupons, using digital passes to store all loyalty points, coupons, gift certificates, and much more.

How can retailers take advantage of the mobile opportunity to increase customer satisfaction? They can enhance in-store shopping experiences by using mobile devices as line / queue busters, jazzing up your marketing functions like dynamic, location-based messaging for promotions, and advertising straight to a mobile device. The solutions are endless for both the retailer and the consumer.

It’s pretty common to find a consumer that walks into a store, compare an item they like to Amazon, or another online website to see if they can get a better deal.

By using a mobile POS together with a loyalty program, retailers can give that customer an exclusive, personalized offer to keep their business (take that, Amazon), the shopper can skip the register, redeem loyalty points and gift cards and walk out of the store with the item, singing your praises. Everyone wins!

Yes, we know that retailers today face a unique set of challenges. Hundreds of products over a variety of categories and brands are available to consumers online, which can make it hard for retailers to keep up. But, think of it this way: by utilizing mobile technology, you can arm your store associates with the knowledge of each customer’s buying habits to help them make the right purchase.

It is common, and even smart, for consumers to extensively compare the product they are interested in to other retailers’ products, before they decide on a particular item. So this process makes it easy on them. Catering to their mobile habits and mimicking the online experience in the store makes it more likely they’ll expect a satisfying experience when they visit your store.

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