Mobility in general and specifically in retail has changed the way we consumers go about retailing. It is this ubiquitous nature of mobility that has led to all forward-looking retailers incorporate mobility in their business landscape. There are equal number of retailers who have set aside budgets for mobile initiatives in their businesses.

Multichannel retailing, which is now a well-established retail business landscape, is prompting retailers to seriously evaluate its key enabler – the connected mobile device.

Retailers use mobile devices to address many different business functions and processes. Some utilize mobile devices as means to increase revenue by making their eCommerce portals mobile responsive, while others use mobile devices for order fulfillment. However, mobile devices are the most popular as Point Of Sale (POS).

To be competitive, retailers are utilizing mobile devices as a point of sale which is an extension of terminal point of sale to complete sales transactions anywhere on the shop floor while ensure that security and compliance are maintained.

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Some obvious benefits of deploying iVend mobile POS to retailers are recognized as increased customer engagement and improved customer service. In addition, retailers are recognizing that mobile technology can give them faster processes (for example, transactions on the sales floor) as well as greater productivity from their employees.

Other major benefits Include:

  • Faster expansion with Mobile Devices
    iVend Mobile POS brings the experience of terminal point of sale experience to Mobile Devices. Retailers are now better equipped to interact with customers and process sales transactions anywhere.Retail workforce could now be more productive as they can immediately create new invoices, look for customer information, key in new customer data, process gift cards, and perform inventory lookups on the shop-floor while interacting with the customer.Small format retail chains can expand faster into new locations and geographies. Similarly the large format retail chains can also expand their checkout points, especially in the holiday shopping season by quickly deploying mobile check out points.
  • Gain Higher Efficiency
    iVend Mobile POS  increases the speed of service as it offers all functions and capabilities of a traditional terminal POS . This easy to use application allows store staff to spend more time on the floor servicing their clients and selling. Simplicity of its features and its intuitive interface makes iVend Mobile POS extremely easy to adopt in the business landscape of the retailer, thereby saving the retailer of the steep learning and adoption curve.This technology harnesses the power to create new efficiencies, by speeding up the transaction time, cutting the average transaction time to half and making tendering out five times faster than the traditional way of tendering out. When shoppers get ready to check out, they are ready to go, not ready to stand in a long queue.
  • No queues
    iVend Mobile POS helps in reducing precious customer time spent waiting in queues. Imagine the shopping experience in an Apple store. There are NO queues, there are no designated checkout counters. iVend Mobile POS is always connected to the store database over a wi-fi connection and in case of unavailability of the connection it also works in offline mode. Transactional data is synchronized with the store server whenever the connection is established.
  • Go Green with email Receipts featureMore and more customers are asking retailers to provide receipts on an email and go paper free. From the retailer’s point of view, email receipts are also a great way to collect customer information while providing a requested service. With iVend Mobile POS, you can easily update and add customer email addresses while providing paper-less receipts directly via email.
  • Frees up expensive real estate
    Implementing iVend Mobile solution can help save expensive floor space, which otherwise is occupied in deploying Terminal Point of sale devices. A Mobile POS facilitates interaction anywhere on the store floor, as a result during festival season retailers can deploy additional Point of sale systems without worrying about additional space and investment on infrastructure

iVend Mobile POS from CitiXsys Technologies brings in the next generation, high-touch shopping experience that wins over existing shoppers and coverts then to loyal customers. With iVend Mobile retailers’ can differentiate themselves from the competition to boost in sales, reduce costs and improve productivity and to streamline operations.

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