So many shoes, so little time! Customers in your shoe stores are browsing on mobile devices while they shop and maybe even looking to snag better deals online. With the right shoe store point of sale (POS) system, you can provide a unified, top-notch customer experience however your shoppers choose to engage with your brand and on any channel. Here are three ways shoe store POS can help you provide better customer experience:

  1. Take Control of Your Inventory Does your shoe store POS system seamlessly integrate inventory data from your online and in-store channels? With a single view of your entire inventory at your fingerprints, you can quickly locate a customer’s desired size and style and have the shoes shipped directly to your customer’s doorstep or to your store for pickup.Sometimes, however, the shoe the customer is looking for just isn’t available. Use your shoe store POS system to help you maintain a great customer experience by identifying and suggesting similar styles available in your inventory. By steering the shopper in a new direction, you can potentially save the sale instead of sending the shopper away disappointed.
  2. Go Mobile Mobile POS is a critical tool for offering valuable side-by-side customer service and not disappearing into the stockroom. Armed with tablet POS, your shoe store sales staff can assist customers on the spot, looking up product information and checking inventory levels without dashing off to the stock room and leaving shoppers high and dry.Shoe store POS with a mobile component also elevates the customer experience by enabling shoppers to complete their transactions without joining the cash-wrap queue. On-the-spot checkout adds convenience and shows shoppers that you value their time.
  3. Personalize the Experience with Data Customers expect you to keep track of their shopping histories and preferences, whether they shop in your physical stores or online, and they expect to have that information follow them from channel to channel. Data can be a powerful tool when used correctly. With your shoe store POS syncing up shopper data from online, offline, and loyalty programs, you gain a unified view of the customer’s behavior and can offer targeted, personalized offers based on purchase frequency, preferences, and other critical insights.Data can help you to increase average order value by upselling and cross-selling based on the information you know about a customer. For example, an avid runner who purchases new cross-trainers every four months might be enticed by a waterproofing kit, or the new mom who’s adjusting to life with baby number two might want to splurge on higher-priced casual shoes with thicker, more comfortable insoles. Use the wealth of data at your disposal to tailor the shopping experience to each customer and add value to transactions.Instead of blanketing your customers with generic promotions that fail to ignite interest, tap into data from your shoe store POS system to segment shoppers into distinct demographic groups based on key characteristics. This can enable you to craft promotional messages designed to cater to what they want based on what you know about them. Carefully consider how you deliver these promotions as well. Some customers might be open to a friendly and timely SMS offer with a call to action, while others may prefer to receive traditional emails.

With the right shoe store POS system, you can provide a consistent and compelling customer experience on every channel and keep your shoppers focused on what they really want: finding fabulous footwear.

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