The onset of digital era started a decade ago, and retail has undergone a complete makeover since then. The smartphone revolution has completely altered the way people shop today. Mobile translates to digital access anytime, anywhere, as people have their mobile phones with them all of the time. Greater smartphone adoption paired with constant technological innovation is critical to the growth of digital coupons and shopper marketing as a whole. Mobile is a great platform to reach and interact with consumers in or near the purchase phase of the shopping cycle via location-based programs. As more and more consumers adopt and become comfortable with smartphones, the opportunities for mobile couponing and shopper marketing will only increase.

Digital Coupons are proven to increase customer engagement and faster movement of products off the shelf. For consumers, one of the key differentiators between digital and traditional coupons is convenience. Once a digital coupon is added to their passbook, it comes handy for them for redemption– and they no longer have to carry them physically along everywhere.

Digital loyalty cards and coupons are effective in enabling brand marketers to be more personalized and targeted in reaching an emerging consumer segment along the entire path to purchase.

iVend Passes is a platform for retailers to deploy Digital Passes on Apple Passbook and Android devices helping engage customers with a digital Loyalty Card, digital Coupon or digital Gift Cards. It is the only web application that combines pass management and push notifications in one unified cross-platform association.

Forward looking retailers prefer iVend Passes over traditional coupon mediums for the simple reason that with traditional coupons communication is mass and generic, whereas digital enables a more personal, targeted outreach – while still delivering scale and reach – at multiple touch points in the decision process. What’s more, digital coupon users hail from a very attractive demographic; they are younger, have higher household incomes, are better educated, shop more frequently and spend more each month on groceries than users of traditional newspaper coupons

Some simple benefits that retailers using iVend Digital Passes noticed are:

  • Increased redemption ratios: The fact that coupons and gift cards are targeted to consumers and are always available with them on their phones has led to improved redemption rates.
  • New buyers: A recent report shows that digital coupons are 35% better at attracting previous non-buyers and attracting more new buyers than print coupons(Source: Knowledge Works Trend Report, 2011).
  • Timing: Digital coupons can run continuously and can be created with relative ease compared to traditional coupons. Template designer in iVend Passes helps retailers design campaigns with ease in almost 1/10th  cost and time as compared to that of a traditional loyalty / promotion campaigns
  • Metrics: iVend Passes offer better tracking opportunities for brands as they can receive information on coupon usage and geographical data associated to them from the beginning.

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