When customers enter a jewelry store, they’re expecting a shopping experience as thoughtful and high-end as the pricey items they plan to purchase. Jewelry store retailers can meet — and exceed — these customer expectations by employing mobile technology that drives a high-touch, service-first experience. Discover three ways that mobile POS can be the difference-maker for successful jewelry stores.

Case Study: How Château D’Ivoire uses an integrated retail suite including mPOS to deliver exceptional customer experiences.
The Luxury Experience

First and foremost, mobile POS is “on brand” for merchants of fine jewelry. For most shoppers, picking out the perfect engagement ring or selecting just the right diamond bracelet for an important anniversary is an exciting and emotional experience. Will the recipient of a ruby pendant love her gift? How wide will he smile when he unwraps the precision timepiece he’s had his eye on for months?

Those are the sorts of things your shoppers are thinking about while browsing the carefully curated selection in your store. What’s more, the ambiance is intimate, the lighting is just right and the decor says “luxury lives here.” So why should your POS break from the exclusive atmosphere you’ve worked so hard to create?

With the sleek design and profile of most handheld devices, mobile POS matches the aesthetic that your shoppers expect (or demand!) in a luxury store. It’s no longer enough to end a shopper’s visit by bringing her over to a clunky traditional cash wrap.

Montreal-based Château D’Ivoire is an excellent example of a jeweler that leverages mobile POS to ensure that its sales employees can provide attentive, side-by-side service to each and every customer from any location in the store — enabling on-the-spot checkout.

Getting Personal

Mobile POS is also an important tool for enabling sales staff to customize the customer experience in the store. Especially when shopping for high-ticket products in the hundreds or thousands of dollars, the customer wants to feel like he’s the only person on the planet. Mobile POS can provide this kind of immersive experience by enabling employees to quickly access the shopper’s purchase history, which can be useful in guiding future selections. For example, if he buys his wife a diamond necklace every year, then you might not want to spend time directing him to rubies and emeralds.

Equipped with an easy-to-use mobile platform, staff can identify VIP clients quickly and prepare to offer the level of service and perks these big spenders require. After all, your best customers are your bread and butter and alienating them with subpar service can be a huge and costly mistake. Instead, use your mobile POS to attend to their every need, ensuring they’re encouraged to continue spending freely with you.

The Big Picture

Finally, with mobile POS, it’s easy to look up additional images of your inventory. Instead of disappearing into the back of the shop, your employees can display beautiful, high-resolution imagery of your stunning pieces, enticing customers who can’t find what they’re looking for in the display cases. Mobile devices are a smart and simple way to expose more of your inventory to shoppers and help to drive (and save) sales.

If your jewelry store isn’t using mobile POS yet, it’s time to invest in a technology platform that matches the exclusivity and experience of your luxury brand.

Download our case study to learn more about how Château D’Ivoire leverages iVend Retail to delight customers.

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