Integration with SAP Business One 9.0

iVend POS – version 6.1 will support integration with SAP Business One 9.0. This includes integration with Multiple UoM functionality in SAP Business One 9.0. This will however not include integration with Multi-Bin feature in SAP Business One 9.0. All Store warehouses defined in SAP Business One must NOT be defined as “Multi-Bin”

Multiple Units of Measure

iVend POS – version 6.1 will allow retailers to manage products in multiple units of measurement (UoM). The multiple UoM feature will enable retailers to sell and purchase products in different UoM that the business needs. All sales, purchasing and inventory documents will support transactions in multiple UoM. You will be able to define prices and special prices for different units of measurement, of a specific item.

Multiple UoM feature will be available in iVend Unplugged and will also be integrated to Multiple UoM in SAP Business One 9.0

Barcode Masking

This feature will allow defining Barcode Masks for products based on a combination of Item Code, Price and Weight. Barcode Masks once defined can be attached to products. On scanning a Product Barcode, the system will resolve the item, its price and weight attributes from the barcode.

Replication Service using iVend APIs

iVend POS – version 6.1 will introduce a new interface for data replication. iVend APIs hosted at the iVend Enterprise will serve as an interface for data replication between iVend Enterprise and iVend Stores without the need to have the SQL Server at the Enterprise on a public IP. Customers with SQL Server security concerns can use this new interface for replication.

iVend POS – version 6.1 will continue to support the legacy replication service using direct SQL Server access.

Transaction Server

Most retail businesses today require and support intra-store transactions, i.e. – Sales at one store and refund from another store or Order booking at one store and fulfillment from another store. To support such scenarios, transaction data in iVend is replicated across the iVend landscape which causes large volume of data replication across iVend Stores via the iVend Enterprise.

With the introduction of Transaction Server in iVend POS – version 6.1, store transaction data replication will be limited up to the iVend Enterprise while the POS at the stores will call the Transaction Server at the Enterprise to retrieve the transaction information directly from the Enterprise Server for refunds and store deliveries. This would not only help in reducing the replication volume but would also keep the database size small.

Item Matrix for iVend Unplugged
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The Item Matrix feature in iVend POS – version 6.1 will allow users to create product variants based on product attributes such a Color, Size, Style, etc. The existing Item Matrix functionality in iVend (when integrated with SAP Business One with the Item Matrix Add-on) has been extended in iVend Unplugged. This feature will enable iVend Unplugged users to perform inventory transactions for Product Variants with ease.

Label Designer

iVend POS – version 6.1 will introduce a Label Designer. With this feature users will be able to design Item Label templates that can be saved and further used for printing Item Labels. This feature extends the existing label customization functionality for printers that support EPL and ZPL languages.

Chile Localization

iVend POS – version 6.1 includes several new enhancements for Chile localization such as generation of Electronic Invoices, Folio Number Integration, Transaction Amount Rounding, etc.

EBT card support

iVend POS – version 6.1 will support payment transaction by EBT Card via the Datacap payment gateway. EBT Card support is mainly required by grocery stores in USA.

Hide non Mandatory Fields

This feature allows the system administrator to hide fields on iVend forms that are non-mandatory. For e.g. if the Description 2 or Description 3 fields on product card are not used then the administrator can configure the system not to display these fields on the Product Form.

Fiscal Printer for Dominican Republic

Several new enhancements are included for the Fiscal Printer integration for Dominican Republic localization.

Automatic Update from shared folder

Automatic Update feature in the current release requires each POS and Management Console client to download the updated components individually from the CitiXsys Update Server. With iVend POS – version 6.1 the updated components for the POS and Management Console client would be downloaded only once to a preconfigured shared folder on the Store / Enterprise network. The POS and Management Console client will always first check for updated components on the shared location before attempting to download updated components from the CitiXsys Update Server.

Check Payment Integration with SAP Business One

Integration of Check tender with SAP Business One has been enhanced in iVend POS – version 6.1 to include Bank information.

Available Quantity on inventory transaction screens

To enhance the usability of the system, all inventory transaction screens will display the Available Quantity in a separate column.

Price list for Goods receipt

With iVend POS – version 6.1 the Good Receipt screen will allow the user to choose a price list for the current transaction. Selecting the Price List will populate the Item Prices from the selected Price List.

Partial Receiving against Stock Transfers

A new configuration setting is provided in iVend POS – version 6.1 to restrict the user from receiving partial quantities against Stock Transfers. This setting will be unselected by default which will allow user to receive partial inventories.

Restrict Manual Entry of Gift Card Number

As an added security – a new configuration setting has been provided to restrict the user from manually entering the Gift Card number and the user must always Swipe the Gift Card for redemption.

POS and Management Console Information

iVend POS – version 6.1 will include enhancements to display the version information for all POS and Management Console in the iVend Landscape. This information can be viewed from the Management Console at the Enterprise. This will help in monitoring the client upgrades across the iVend landscape.

Auto Selection of Serial / Batch Numbers

A new option has been added to Serial / Batch selection rules. If the system has only one available Serial / Batch record, this option will automatically determine the only available Serial / Batch without prompting the user for a manual selection.

With this – following rules are available in the system for Serial / Batch determination.

  • Manual – System will not pick the batch/serial details automatically and therefore user must select it manually while selling the Serial/Batch controlled items on iVend POS.
  • Expiry Date – System will automatically select the batch/serials which are expiring first.
  • Lowest Price First – System will pick the serial/batch based on the lowest price.
  • Highest Price First – System will pick the serial/batch based on the highest price.
  • Creation Date – System will pick the serial/batch based on the basis on their record creation date.
  • Only one available-System will pick the serial/batch only if a single serial/batch is available.

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