For Footwear retailers it has become imperative to keep up with the dynamic market trends and changing needs of consumers and new product collections to meet customer demand. It is therefore critical to have a unified set of data that the global team has access to, whether they are in management, merchandising, sourcing, operations, sales or supply. Footwear retailers first looked iVend as a new POS platform. As with a lot of other Retail industries, their primary need was to centrally manage their product data and complete sale transactions. Very quickly, however, these companies realized that managing sales and data was just one part of iVend Retail – In reality it was their first step on the way to achieving rapid ROI and increased customer satisfaction. iVend Retail helps retailers, connect with shoppers more effectively thereby increasing shopper willingness to buy from the retailer.

With iVend Retail Vibram Fivefingers and ASICS can support Stores across multiple locations, multiple currencies, integrated through flexible workflow to manage their complete Retail operations. iVend Retail helps  them manage and create historical information about styles, sizes, colors, trends and suppliers actionable so that future assortments of products could better meet customer needs at the right time.

ECCO Shoes, another user of iVend Retail wanted to have a system that facilitates Inventory control and replenishment – with iVend Retail their Head office operations get complete visibility of stock across the retail chain and can effectively push stock rather than relying on store requisitions. Additionally the merchandising department can raise purchase orders in time to avoid stock out situations.

The retail division of this well-known Brand saw an opportunity to improve overall profit­ability by maximizing the potential with inventory lookups and return transac­tions. They realized that a significant amount of the chain’s revenue was getting eroded in the form of inadequate stocks, out of stocks and returns.  Such situations were negatively impacting net sales. The desire was to reduce out of stock situations, amount of refund dollars with proper inventory lookups and create new revenue. Also they wanted to focus and deliver positive customer service during, some­times complex, retail transactions.

iVend Mobile POS  is another path-breaking technology innovation that helps footwear retailers save money and space with instantaneous access to product information, pricing and inventory information directly from their mobile device. Just like a terminal POS it keeps track of the customers, creates sales orders, handles returns and processes payments. To execute a sale, the store associate can enter the customer’s name into his Mobile POS and the system recognizes if he or she is an existing customer. New customers can be added with just a few clicks. Customer information is synchronized with HO immediately over Wi-Fi. Other benefits that Footwear Retailers can derive from iVend Retail include-

Promotions that maximize profitability-Manage targeted promotions in multiple formats by easily analyzing detailed customer trends at individual stores and across the retail chain.

Retain customers and manage customer communication. The customer loyalty management application in iVend Retail Management Suite allows to define flexible / attractive campaigns, ensuring customer loyalty.

Full range of analytics and service capabilities that help better understand customer’s buying patterns and design promotions that maximize the potential of all customer relationships by informing customers of available points, their value and their validity.

Average sales ticket can be increased by configuring appropriate Up Sell and Alternate Item Suggestions on the POS interface enabling the POS operator to make additional recommendations to the customers.

POS operators can process a sale refund and sale transaction in a single transaction rather than a multiple step process.

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