It’s amazing how in our modern world, computer technology plays an extremely important role.

Most of us couldn’t imagine life without the solutions we utilise on a daily basis.

For the most part, technology has developed to fill a need. In the context of Retail Point of Sale solutions, the adoption of digital solutions has been significant and there are very valid reasons as to why.

For those that have not made the jump to digital based solutions in your store, it’s time to ask yourself a few questions.

How are you managing your in store processes such as processing and tracking sales, managing inventory and reporting on the performance of your business?

These are just a few of many questions that retailers are faced with when trying to run even the most simple of stores.

If your answers sway towards the “I don’t now” or “it’s all in my head” realm then it’s time to get organised.

Getting organised is what a digital POS solution offers.

You may view a POS solution as a tool, which it is, but I challenge you to consider it as being a business process in a box. They provide structure and process in the running of your store from the way in which you process sales and interact with customers, to ordering stock and financial management.

So when you purchase a digital POS solution, you are buying a way in which to manage processes in your store.

When POS developers sit down to build software, they are trying to develop efficient processes that address the
operational challenges in a retail business. This involves a considerable amount of research in retail practices to ensure that what is developed best matches the realities of retailing. The outcome is a set of business processes that can be applied to multiple facets of the operation of the business.

Software must have structure to it for it to work effectively. The structure of the POS solution is often titled as “functionality” but I like to call it process management.

The digital POS solution gives you the structure to run your store efficiently and effectively. You can process sales easily whilst at the same time track when, where and what was purchased. This standard process in retail gives you the power to do more than just accept a customer’s payment. You now have the ability to track stock movements. In tracking stock movements you now have visibility as to what are your best and worse selling products, so now you have the power to more accurately invest in stock. In tracking sales and stock movements you now have the ability to quickly and accurately understand your stores financial performance. All this can only be achieved with a digital POS solution.

As the challenges of the internet age of retailing heighten, digital POS solutions are playing a bigger part.

Traditionally a retail outlet was a physical entity. Now the rules have changed with retailing crossing boundaries between, online and physical stores. register a domain for free These businesses are creating integration challenges for retailing that can only be solved with smart digital solutions.

Next time you question the validity of digital POS solutions then ask yourself how are you going to effectively manage your business without one?

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