Today’s shoppers may not be familiar with the word ‘omnichannel’ but they certainly recognise ‘good service’ when they see it; that is being able to shop where they want, when they want – at work, at home, in-store, on the move – and enjoy a consistent brand experience at every touch point.

Meeting the challenge of rising customer expectations requires a technology solution that allows retailers to place customers at the heart of their business and deliver a seamless shopping experience across all channels.

Due for release on 30th March 2016, iVend Retail version 6.5 enables retailers to maximise the omnichannel opportunity with a 360 degree view of the customer and a single view of inventory.

The iVend Retail enterprise-class retail management suite offers retailers an extended range of flexible and fully integrated features including application extensibility, intra store notifications, enhanced subsidiaries, offline terminal POS, enhanced customer loyalty, loyalty referral programs, multiple in-store locations for effective back office inventory management and integration with Microsoft NAV.

iVend 6.5’s application-based integrated retail management platform and extensibility aligned architecture makes it simpler for retailers to integrate online and offline shopping; allowing customers to research, buy and return goods anywhere, and to create multichannel loyalty programmes that incentivise customers equally wherever they shop, while increasing the ability of sales associates to make recommendations and cross sell/up sell in-store.

Global retail operations along with those with plans to expand abroad are well served by iVend Retail’s single integrated application set, which supports compliance with statutory legal requirements across international boundaries. The iVend solution offers easily customisable multinational, multicurrency options for seamless retailing across countries and continents.

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