Competing in retail, in the modern age, is a challenge.

In fact, the demands on a retailer today are much greater than those in years gone by.

Furthermore, the impact of the internet age has changed society’s expectations where information is expected to be at hand.

The unanimous thought amongst retail experts around the world is that being competitive comes down to your customer experience.

Proactive retailers are striving to improve their experiences and one way being explored around the globe is the role of mobile devices in enhancing customer interactions.

The mobile age is well and truly here and we have a range of devices and solutions available to us but I want to focus on how mobile devices are being viewed as a tool to enhance the customer experience.

When it comes to enhancing a customer’s experience, it is all about helping them. We can help customers in many different ways. The fundamentals are answering customer’s questions with accurate answers, ensuring that customers are attended to promptly, and to engage with that customer so that they feel valued.

Mobile devices do not enhance the customer experience. book a room You may be thinking that I have just contradicted my own argument but hear me out.

People make the difference to a customer’s experience. A mobile device is merely a tool to assist a person to do those things to help in an efficient manner. When we look at our fundamentals of providing a positive customer experience, and view them in the context of mobile devices, we can see the value of investing in such technology.

A mobile device that is linked to your POS solution will be able to give you access to information from within the
system no matter where you are in the store. This access to information can assist you in answering any customer’s questions with good information, very simply and accurately.

Whether your customers have questions relating to stock availability, pricing or general product information, a mobile device will give you the ability to find answers quickly and efficiently.

A mobile device not only gives you access to information that helps you answer customers queries but can give you the power to process the sale. Because you do not need to move away from your customers to return to a POS station or refer them to cashier staff, you can spend more time engaging with your customer and this engagement enhances the customer experience and can also lead to greater sales.

Mobile devices and applications are here, so next time you are exploring how you can enhance your customers experience, take a closer look and begin to stand out from the crowd.

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