iVend eCommerce 1.2 has been released  with new features and enhancements and is compatible with following CitiXsys products

  • iVend 6.1.
  • iVend Loyalty 2.0.
  • Item Matrix 5.5.6

The latest release includes following enhancements:

Passbook Integration – With this release iVend eCommerce is seamlessly integrated with iVend Passes covering purchase, redemption, recharge of Gift Cards and Issue, award and redemption of Loyalty Points.

Stock Availability – With this release, iVend eCommerce Storefront can be mapped multiple warehouses for displaying stock availability of products. The system displays the total stock across the mapped warehouses.

Fulfillment Priority – iVend eCommerce can now be configured to book orders based on one of the following fulfillment priority:

  • Order Best Fit – All the order items can be best fulfilled from a single warehouse
  • Line Best Fit – Order line item quantities could be best fulfilled from different warehouses.
  • Specific Warehouse – All the order items have to be fulfilled from a particular warehouse

Gift Card Recharge – With this release Gift Cards can be re-charged online.

Multiple Shipping Addresses – With this release, shoppers can now optionally choose to get the items delivered to different shipping addresses.

Multiple Unit of Measure (UOM) – With this release iVend eCommerce can be setup to sell products in multiple Units of Measurement.

Recurring Order – With this release iVend eCommerce can be setup to allow shoppers to choose a recurring frequency for their recurring orders.

Product Image Integration – With this release iVend eCommerce will support bi-directional product image integration with iVend Enterprise.

Mercury Payment Gateway – With this release, iVend eCommerce is integrated with Mercury payment gateway.

Enhanced Automobile Add-on – Enhanced product filters for Automobile vertical based on Make, Engine, Family are now part of the base product.

Access Rights – With this release a super admin can assign access rights (Full/Read/Update/No) to additional admin console users for different menus.

Item Matrix Integration – With this release, iVend eCommerce can be setup to allow shoppers to view item variants based on any two item attributes. The attributes can be displayed in a Drop Down list, as Color Swatches, as Images or in a Table View.

Single Sign On (SSO) – With this release, iVend eCommerce can be setup to allow shoppers to login using their Facebook, Google, Linked-in, Twitter, Windows Live and Yahoo login credentials.

Google Analytics – With this release, iVend eCommerce is integrated with Google analytics.

Receipt as a pdf attachment – With this release, the online order receipt would be send as pdf attachment to the shopper’s email address.

Please note that iVend eCommerce 1.2 is only supported on:

  • IIS version 6.0 and above
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008
  • SAP Business One (8.82 PL-09 and above)

For more details on iVend eCommerce 1.2,  log on to knowledge.citixsys.com or email us on info@citixsys.com

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