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Selling online, selling on mobile and integrating to sell more in stores has never been so simple. iVend for Magento enables retailers to seamlessly operate across digital and physical sales channels. Robust platform integration ensures customer experience with your brand is the same wherever, whenever, and however, they prefer to shop. All master data is maintained in iVend Retail which seamlessly communicates with Magento Commerce. This solves a major problem for growing retailers today and readily turns the vision of integrated omnichannel into reality.


Simplify eCommerce for established brick-and-mortar businesses
Grow into new channels, geographies and reach new customers
Communicate with all sales channels in real-time
Gain enterprise-wide visibility of your customers, products and performance
Streamline sales operations and inventory visibility across channels
Sell online to both businesses and consumers all from an integrated solution

The iVend Retail + Magento Integration Advantage

Magento Commerce integrates seamlessly with the iVend Retail solution suite using RESTful API protocol to deliver a best-of-breed, hybrid business model for managing Brick & Mortar, eCommerce and m-Commerce operations.

The full featured, 2-way sync between iVend Retail and Magento enables retailers, brand owners and manufacturers to launch and improve existing online sales operations to serve customers around the world with improved checkout processes, faster delivery, and instant purchases. The integration is designed to provide a seamless path to purchase and enhance the customer experience with your brand.


  • Maximize Stock Productivity, Product Availability, Sales & Customer Satisfaction
  • Easily Scale & Reach Customers In New Countries Leverage The Latest eCommerce Technology
  • Operate All Sales Channels From A Common Stock Pool
  • Accept Credit Cards, Loyalty Points, COD, Store Credit, Gift Cards, & Coupons
  • Operate All Sales Channels From A Common Stock Pool
  • Maximize The Impact Of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Provide Consistent Customer Experience Across Channels

iVend Retail provides solutions for point of sale, loyalty, digital passes, analytics and mobility all from a single integrated omnichannel designed to increase revenue, improve customer retention, and bring in new business, all while lowering your operating costs. iVend Retail is used by retailers in over 85 countries and is integrated with most major payment gateways. Intelligent fulfilment rules set up in iVend Enterprise, along with the single stock pool approach for inventory management in the iVend Retail platform ensures that customer orders are fulfilled as economically and quickly as possible, based on your rules and business preferences, plus provides a complete view of inventory availability across the enterprise.

iVend Retail Application Landscape with Magento


Integrated Masters

Leverage 2-way, real-time sync to integrate Magento with iVend Retail and harmonize your retail operations. The following details which master data fields sync between Magento and iVend Retail:

iVend Retail Integration-icon Magento Master Data Integration
iVend Retail Masters Magento Masters
Customer Group Blue-bullet Customer Group
Product Blue-bullet Product
Alternate Product Blue-bullet Related Items
Upsell Product Blue-bullet Upsell Items, CrossSell Items
Price List Blue-bullet Price
Special Price List Blue-bullet Advance Price
Inventory Blue-bullet Stock
Gift Certificate Blue-bullet Gift Certificate
Category Blue-bullet Category
Loyalty Blue-bullet Rewards
Product Category Blue-bullet Product Category
Tax Code Blue-bullet Tax Code
Warehouse Blue-bullet Inventory Source


Products are visible in Magento as catalog or searchable, items or can be configured for either catalog or search. Products, along with their attributes in iVend Retail, integrate as root level product category in Magento. Further sub-category is configurable in Magento. Product tax rules are configurable in Magento.

In iVend, every store has a price list associated to it. The price list of the store for which Magento is configured in iVend is the base price for the products displayed on Magento.

Magento Integration-icon iVend Retail Master Data Integration
Magento Master data iVend Master data
Customer Blue-bullet Customer
New customer information added in Magento will sync to the customer in iVend. This integration is from Magento to iVend.

Required Masters in iVend Retail for Magento Integration


  • Warehouse
  • Store
  • POS
  • Default User
  • Default Fulfillment Plan
  • Surcharge
  • Payment Type
  • Credit Card
  • Gift Certificate
  • Loyalty Setup

Magento is assigned a store in iVend for inventory control and management. The iVend warehouse integrates to the inventory source for Magento. Stock updates in iVend are reflected in the inventory source of Magento. iVend POS is assigned to the Magento assigned store for carrying out the transactions. Payment type will enable user on the Magento site to select payment option.

Integrated Transactions

The following details which transaction sync between Magento and iVend Retail:

Magento Integration-icon iVend Retail Transaction Data Integration
Magento Transaction iVend Transaction
Order Blue-bullet Special Order

The iVend for Magento connector syncs customer orders from Magento into iVend as special orders. All subsequent order processes are executed in iVend.

iVend Retail Integration-icon Magento Transaction Data Integration
iVend Transaction Magento Transaction
Delivery Blue-bullet Shipment, Invoice
Refund Blue-bullet Credit Memo
Order Cancellation Blue-bullet Order Cancellation

Delivery of an order in iVend is recorded as an invoice and shipment against the order in Magento. The Refund in iVend will integrate as Credit Memo for the purchase return by the customer in Magento.

iVend for Magento Settings

Connection Manager Settings

iVend Retail Settings

iVend for Magento Connection Manager is designed and developed to integrate iVend Retail to Magento Community Edition 2.3.1. This connection manager is used for configuring iVend Retail and Magento services.

Settings in iVend Retail

iVend for Magento Connection Manager is used for configuring a store to which the Magento orders will get registered. Customer information and orders placed by the customer in Magento are transferred to iVend for further processing and delivery. iVend for Magento Connection Manager customer information to be saved when an order is placed by the customer. The selection of warehouse for synchronization is configurable through iVend for Magento Connection Manager.

Gift Cards and Store Credit Integration

Gift card functionality is configurable in Magento using a recommended, third party Magento Extension, MageWorx, https://www.mageworx.com/magento-2-gift-cards.html. The MageWorx Extension allows for Gift Cards defined in iVend Retail to be integrated into Magento. iVend Retail Gift Cards on the Magento site can be used as a tender type, which will be available for purchase as a normal Gift Card item.

Magento SettingsLoyalty Points Accumulation and Redemption

Loyalty points accumulation and redemption is configurable in Magento using a recommended, third-party Magento Extension, Mirasvit https://mirasvit.com/magento-2-extensions/reward-points-referral-program.html. The Mirasvit Extension allows integration of Loyalty points from iVend to Magento. The accumulation of the points is driven from the POS / Store and not from Magento. The customer will only accumulate points when the payment is made (realized in iVend) or the products are delivered, whichever happens first.

Promotions and Coupons

Magento gives the users the option to configure Promotions and Coupons through in-built rules. The most popular Cart Price Rules in Magento are used to define and configure Promotions and Coupons.

Magento Settings

In Magento Settings, product is configurable on the basis of attribute set, which is border naming convention to which the product belongs. The visibility of the product on the Magento site is configurable as category product or as a search product. Customers are grouped together based on their location so that the tax rates can be applied according to the jurisdiction to which shipment is made. Gift cards are configurable for the customers based on the customer group to which they belong. UpSell functionality in iVend will integrate to the CrossSell functionality in Magento.

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