Buying patterns and expectations are fast changing in today’s retail world and retailers are under pressure to constantly keep responding to these ever-changing customer expectations. Not only do the retailers have to be responsive, but are also under pressure to protect their ground and keep driving revenues. The dilemma that retailers have is to whether invent in the physical store environment OR invest in innovative technology and take advantage of the Internet and mobile revolution.

The continued rapid growth of technology is forcing smart retailers to stay on their toes to constantly adapt to new retail touch points and explore new opportunities for growth.  “The U.S. and Asia-Pacific are leading the way in embracing these innovations and it is evident that the use of these channels is growing.  Consumers start their shopping online and spend more than half of this time on product comparison and research.  We now live in a day and age where consumers can shop anytime and anywhere.”

eCommerce technology acts as the new retail driver providing shoppers with a quick and easy way to buy. It may lack elements such as human interaction and the ability to see what the product actually looks and feels like but on the other hand it often acts as a catalyst to increase footfalls at the stores. Retailers need to invest in a functionally engaging e-commerce solution to remain competitive and extend enhanced consumer experience to its customers.

An eCommerce platform like iVend eCommerce allows the retailer a seamless integration into the core retail application that the retailer is using. Being mobile responsive, the application is easily accessible on the ubiquitous smartphones extending the much expected convenience that new age customers expect from a retailer.

iVend eCommerce with its seamless integration into iVend Retail Management Suite allows the customers to seamlessly and effortlessly use their gift cards, coupons and their loyalty points on the portal.

To the retailer, iVend eCommerce extends the much needed ease of operation and management of the application. The retailer is able to operate the portal in the same way a normal physical store is operated.

This application is not limited to retail and can be extensively used in industries like manufacturing, for listing their products and services on-line on the Internet

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