It goes without saying that mobile phone use in Australia is massive.

In fact, it is estimated that as of June this year there were 31.01 million active mobile phone accounts. Such numbers suggest that there are more mobile phone accounts than people in Australia!

What is also growing is the data usage of mobile phone users suggesting that we are using our phones more often and not just for making calls.

With such exceptional usage of mobile phones, the opportunity for retailers to engage with their audience’s devices is real.

In my last Blog post I looked at using the Christmas period to expand your loyalty programmes. Now I want to look
at how you can engage with your loyalty programme members through their mobile devices.

Traditionally retailers used printed cards to be able to identify their loyalty programme members. As technology has progressed, the need for a printed card has declined. Now we can use our mobile devices as a loyalty card and more!

With solutions such as iVend Passes, you can now engage with your loyalty programme members and customer directly to their mobile devices.

Product discount promotions can be setup and communicated to customer’s mobile devices as well as Gift Cards. Not only can customers keep up to date with their eligible promotions but store staff can easily scan 2D barcodes off mobile device to process discounts or gift card payments.

The key of effective mobile marketing is making customers aware of promotions. Traditionally the reliance was on a customer opening an App to access the special offer. Now solutions such as iVend Passes can send push notifications or emails to customers making them aware of the current promotional offer.

Even more exciting is the use of Geonfencing technology that allows retailers to communicate to customers that are in the vicinity of their store. You simply configure a defined area around your store and when a customer moves within that area, a push notification is sent to their mobile device notifying them of a special offer.

So it’s time to throw away those loyalty cards and move to a mobile based solution to drive added sales.

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