ERP Integration


How Retailers Can Seamlessly Integrate POS and ERP

Retail customers are increasingly demanding a true omnichannel experience from their merchants of choice. To stay competitive, retailers need a flexible, best-of-breed point of sale (POS) solution that can integrate easily with their ERP and other back-end business solutions. However, that integration is rarely smooth….

Break your ERP ties with Open APIs

How ERP-agnostic POS sets your Omnichannel Retail Strategy Free Most retailers in 2017 understand the value of implementing an omnichannel retail strategy – to drive customer engagement, customer experience and ultimately to increase sales and profit. They know that a strong omnichannel solution means multiple…

4 Steps to Improving ERP Integration in Retail

How retailers can make the ERP integration process pain free and suitable for the modern omnichannel commerce environment. The flexibility and integration capability of your ERP system is arguably the most important factor to consider in modern retail – things are changing so quickly and…