According to our latest research study, the ANZ shopper’s loyalty program membership rates are very high. Around 85% of Australian and New Zealand customers reported being a member of at least one loyalty scheme with around 15% of Australians being a member of five or more.

Loyalty programs have been in existence for many years but in today’s omnichannel retailing environment, challenges have arisen. However, these challenges are outweighed by the growth of opportunities for retailers.

Where loyalty programs were traditionally focused on driving sales, their main goal nowadays i
s providing a better brand experience. In doing so, they create a more “sticky” customer who is committed to their brand rather than just the outlet.

This shift is important as customers now not only purchase from within a store but also interact online and every other combination in between. It’s up to the retailers to ensure a seamless loyalty program experience, no matter where that customer browses or purchases from.

Loyalty programs are also a great way to gain insights into your customer’s behaviour and preferences.

With multiple customer touch points and sales channels in the current retailing environment, the demand on retailers to implement effective loyalty programmes is immense.

The proven way for omnichannel retailers to manage a loyalty program is through an integrated system or a single view of customer data. The iVend Retail by CitiXsys solution delivers this through its single database design. No matter where or how your customers interact with you, use of the iVend solution ensures each module is connected to the same database and therefore keeping everything visible and up to date.

This single view of your customers provides you with a full insight into their habits and behaviours and as a result an opportunity to offer more effective and targeted loyalty programs.

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